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We’re Back With New Jewelry! (Ana Luisa x Beauty Within)

Beauty Within first collaborated with Ana Luisa back in 2019 to bring you guys a very special collection of jewelry pieces: the Felicia Necklace and Rowena Bracelet. Later on, we completed the set with a pair of flower huggie hoops earrings. We’ve been brewing up some new jewelry designs and are super excited to finally share it with you guys on Ana Luisa.

What’s the special meaning behind the designs? Keep reading to find out!

Inspiration With Tradition

If you remember from our first set, Fel and Ro drew inspo from ancient East Asian coins. The rounded, square-cut middle design greatly complements a phrase from traditional Chinese culture – wai yuan nei fang. This translates to “outwardly flexible, inwardly firm.” Continuing with this philosophy, Rowena designed her cube necklace to represent this concept’s ‘inward’ aspect. In other words, no matter how situations change or what others may think of us, we shouldn’t let go of who we are. Our principles, core values, and beliefs keep us going and help us overcome even the toughest of times.

Let’s Light the Way

There’s something beautiful about keeping the old with the new. Felicia came up with a timeless and chic pleated hoop earring design, inspired by the traditional elements and concept of lanterns. Originating from East Asia, the soft, glowing lantern has been a symbol of light, warmth, and hope for the future. We hope our jewelry pieces will not only complement your look, but also brighten up your day – pun intended!

Jewelry Set

So what’s the jewelry made of? Ro’s dainty cube necklace and Fel’s textured hoops are both 14K gold-plated brass. Plus, the earrings are made of hypoallergenic titanium so you can wear them comfortably with confidence! Ana Luisa crafts each piece with care and offers a 365-day warranty.

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You can now shop our Beauty Within jewelry on the Ana Luisa site for 10% off!

Join Fel and Ro in the video below as they chat Ana Luisa, their latest skincare faves, & more!

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