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Krave Beauty Oil La La Serum is Changing Up the Way We Treat Acne Skin (Honest Review)

Krave Beauty Oil La La Serum is Changing Up the Way We Treat Acne Skin (Honest Review)

Featured Image by Angela Zhong

When word got out about the new drop for the Krave Beauty Oil La La Serum, I remembered all the crazy ways we once used to get rid of the pimples we see on our faces. 

Acne prone skin types will know the process well: we’d aggressively massage in gritty scrubs, overapply products containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, and even layer on every product containing chemical exfoliants in sight. 

Not to mention that information on skincare was mostly inaccessible, especially if you couldn’t afford trips to the dermatologist, and we had to rely on our moms to remind us why we haven’t washed our faces enough (when we already have).

But now that we’re here in 2023, we have access to information from various professionals and educating minds, like Krave Beauty founder and CEO Liah Yoo, and with her new product launch, we think she’s seriously changing up the way we know about acne skin. Here’s a deep dive into the Krave Beauty Oil La La serum.

Disclaimer: Krave Beauty was generous enough to send us PR for the Krave Beauty Oil La La Serum, but I am under no obligation to write a review.

What’s the inspiration behind the serum?

It seems most of our acne woes come from our understanding of oils and oily skin. There’s a common assumption that minimizing oily skin should solely include using oil-free, drying, and mattifying products. After all, having oily skin means you need to dry them out, right? 

But your oily skin needs oils, most importantly, linoleic acid. Despite the name, linoleic acid is an essential fatty acid (omega-6 fats) that ensures your sebum flows and prevents clogging your pores. When oily skin types experience a deficiency in linoleic acid, your sebum can change in texture and become more sticky, gloopy, and pore-clogging, eventually leading to congested pores and acne. 

That’s why the new Krave Beauty Oil La La serum serves as an acne treatment product that doesn’t strip or dry the oils on your face. Instead, it works by supplying the skin with linoleic acid rich oils so that your skin barrier can heal and oil production can regulate itself. What’s the result? Healthy skin, regulated sebum, and less acne breakouts. Oil La La indeed.

Pulling Up The Stats for Krave Beauty Oil La La Serum

Krave Beauty Oil La La Serum | Image Courtesy of Krave Beauty

Size: 45 mL | 1.52 Fl Oz

Serum type: Watery oil serum

Great for: Acne-Prone and Oily Skin

Highlights of the Krave Beauty Oil La La Serum

Key Ingredients

Full Ingredients List

Krave Beauty Oil La La serum full ingredients

Good to Know

The Krave Beauty Oil La La Serum is not only a gentle acne treatment, but it works to improve and regulate your skin barrier while simultaneously balancing out sebum levels. The Oil La La serum can also be used in conjunction with active ingredients like retinols and tretinoin, and on acne skin.

Beauty Editor’s Review for Krave Beauty Oil La La

The Skin I’m Dealing With

Whenever I see products marketed for acne, I can sense the familiar beginnings of excitement creep up. In my mind, I think: “Ah, the novelty of a new product – let’s see whether it will help with this bout of acne I’m experiencing!”

This time, it was no exception. By the time the Oil La La serum arrived on my desk, my face was in the midst of a life crisis. I was going through the stress of a major life change and this sudden shock to my system was enough to trigger painful breakouts on my forehead, cheeks, and temples in addition to the usual hormonal acne on my chin and jawline. In other words, my acne has been the worst it’s ever been, with seemingly no relief in sight.

So given this pimple disaster, here is my attempt to give this serum a fighting chance and see if it would yield results! To give the serum a chance at the spotlight, I gave myself one month of diligent application (twice a day) to see if the Oil La La can help alleviate some of the current breakouts.

My One Month Experience

Application & Texture

Beauty editor shows how spreadable the serum texture is

The serum sinks in settles nicely into the skin

When Krave Beauty explained how fluid-like this serum is, they meant it! I’m amazed at how the serum texture easily spreads and sinks delightfully into the skin without leaving behind a greasy film. It also has a comforting scent that skinfluencer James Welsh likened breadsticks to (I can sort of see that). Application is seamless and the serum layers delightfully with the other skincare steps without pilling.

Untouched Before & After (One-Month Apart)

Editor’s face before using the Krave Beauty Oil La La Serum

Editor’s face after using the Krave Beauty Oil La La Serum

Overall Thoughts

With complete transparency, I will tell you that although I saw some improvements like lightening of acne scars for the first two weeks, the effects didn’t last for the rest of the month. 

Editor’s face before using the Krave Beauty Oil La La Serum

Editor’s face after using the Krave Beauty Oil La La Serum

This is because the serum isn’t a cure-all product, and I’m aware that it didn’t tackle the source of my issues, which were all stemming from an imbalance of hormones and stress levels from this season of change I’m experiencing. The serum itself is a wonderful product, and Krave Beauty deserves praise for it. For my experience, I could tell my skin enjoyed the extra nourishment, but it wasn’t enough to stop the additional breakouts I was still getting.

There were a few days when I had to stop applying all the steps to my skin and douse my skin with a hypochlorous acid spray to “press-reset” my aggravated skin. Fortunately, my skin showed some improvements from this treatment. Once I noticed things calming down, I resumed using the Oil La La Serum and Krave Beauty’s 100% Cold-Pressed Tamanu Oil whenever I could incorporate them into my routine. 

Krave Beauty 100% Cold-Pressed Tamanu Oil

(Side note: this oil has a comforting sweet nuttiness scent that I had the pleasure of applying to my face)

Do I recommend the Krave Beauty Oil La La Serum?

Short answer: Yes! Except for a few emerging breakouts along my jawline, there has been a subtle and gradual improvement in my breakouts since starting this journey and discovering the products that work for my skin, including the Krave Beauty Oil La La Serum. 

Although my skin is on the path to recovery and will take consistent use to show results, I’m confident that the Krave Beauty Oil La La serum will continue to become a staple in my routine for keeping my skin nourished and protected this winter season. 

Krave Beauty Oil La La Serum | Image Courtesy of Krave Beauty

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