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Splurge-Worthy Products At The Dermstore Holiday Event Sale 2021

Black Friday is around the corner, and the sales keep getting better and better! If you like to take advantage of extra discounts, this year’s Dermstore Holiday Event Sale will include up to 30% off your beloved and favorite brands from now until the 29th of November!

Need some inspiration? Here’s a curated list of our best picks below.

Note: While most products start discounted sales on the 20th, certain brands start on the 25th! We’ll let you know the dates so you can mark your calendars!

Oribe Gold Lust Repair Restore Shampoo

Dermstore Offer: Each Oribe product is discounted, and you’ll be receiving 3x points with every purchase! The discounts will last from now until the 29th!

If you’re up for a little splurging, this intensive shampoo is a must-have addition to your cart! The Oribe Gold Lust Repair Restore Shampoo helps to nourish, clarify, and smooth each strand so you’ll see silky soft, protected, and healthier locks after every wash! This shampoo uses biotin, amino acids, argan oil, maracuja oil, and bromelain so that your hair looks, feels, and smells luxurious wherever you are!

FOREO Espada

Dermstore Offer: You can save up to 30% off select FOREO products from the 25th to the 29th! Mark your calendars!

Blue light therapy, anyone? This non-invasive and FDA-approved device from FOREO may not immediately zap away your pimples, but it could help speed up the recovery process. Utilizing blue LED light and T-Sonic Pulsations, you can use this device over mild to moderate acne three times a day for noticeably flatter bumps and calmer skin.

Paula’s Choice Omega Complex Moisturizer

Dermstore Offer: You’ll be saving 15% off Paula’s Choice products from now until the 29th!

If your skin is suffering from the winter blues, this cloud-like and whipped moisturizer acts as a comforting blanket to protect you from the freezing weather. This cream nourishes and restores glow for visibly healthier skin thanks to omega fatty acids, shea butter, ceramides, and amino acids. The best part? All skin types can benefit from this moisturizer! 

Best of Dermstore The Essential Set

Dermstore Offer: You’ll be saving 20% off selected Best of Dermstore sets and products from now until the 29th!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the seemingly endless products on Dermstore, this Best of Dermstore Essential Set curates the most popular and top-selling brands in one package! The set houses thirteen travel-friendly-sized products from beloved brands like ILIA Beauty, Kate Somerville, EltaMD, and Indie Lee to give you a little bit of everything for exploring and trying! 

Naturopathica Arnica Gel

Dermstore Offer: You’ll be saving 30% off Naturopathica products from now until the 29th!

We get it – life can get in the way sometimes, but your muscles don’t have to suffer! For those hard at work peeps, we think this clear gel is best for relaxing aching muscles, joints, and other areas of soreness to end your day. With arnica (an herb that soothes), menthol, magnesium, copper, and zinc, you can skip your magnesium bath salts and go straight to feeling relief in the comfort of your bed. 

Vichy Mineralizing Volcanic Water

Dermstore Offer: You can score up to 25% off selected products from the 25th to the 29th! 

If you drink water to quench your thirst, why not let your skin do the same? Thanks to VVichy’smineral-rich volcanic water, this facial mist can help combat dryness and dehydration while simultaneously refreshing your skin and strengthening your skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Indie Lee Discovery Kit

Dermstore Offer: Get 20% off your favorite Indie Lee products from now until the 29th!

For the frequent traveler who can’t leave their skincare behind, this discovery kit is a perfect approach for minimalistic skincare on the go. This kit contains a brightening cleanser, toner, and squalane facial oil in travel-friendly sizes so they can fit into any pouch for easy-to-reach skincare on the go! 

Supergoop! Shimmershade SPF30 in Daydream

Dermstore Offer: You can add your favorite sunscreen products while saving 20% off Supergoop! from now until the 29th!

Now you can look on point and feel protected! Sunscreen is an essential step in your skincare routine, but our eyelids are less likely to receive the coverage compared to the rest of our faces. Enter Shimmershade: a cream-based eyeshadow with SPF30 to protect the delicate skin! This long-wearing and shimmering cream eye shadow applies and blends beautifully to your skin and complements a my-skin-but-better makeup look!

Naturopathica Sweet Birch Rub

Dermstore Offer: YYou’llbe saving 30% off Naturopathica products from now until the 29th!

Working out is excellent, but post-workout recovery is essential for helping your muscles stay healthy. TThat’swhy this body rub is perfect for relieving muscle soreness while encouraging you to unwind. The non-greasy gel formula uses 37% magnesium to relax the muscles, while sandalwood, frankincense, ginger, cardamom, and sweet orange help to calm the mind. And if I’m being honest, you’ll smell like Christmas!

Holifrog Tashmoo Water Lily Nourishing Milky Wash

Dermstore Offer: You can save up to 25% off select Holifrog products from now until the 29th!

You can get a thorough cleanse without stripping your skin’s natural skin barrier! The secret is in the blend of amino acids, panthenol, algae, and water lily root to help calm inflammation and irritation for healthy and balanced skin! This facial cleanser is silky soft, non-foaming, and perfect for washing away makeup and debris from the day. 

Allies of Skin 35% Vitamin C Perfecting Serum

Dermstore Offer: YYou’llbe saving 25% off Allies of Skin products from now until the 29th!

This vitamin C serum may be a hefty investment, but it’s one of our all-time favorite serums for restoring our skin’s natural glow. This gentle serum uses two vitamin C derivatives to even out skin tone and protect the skin, while glutathione and superoxide dismutase add brightening benefits without irritating the skin. If you’re looking for a tried and true vitamin C serum, this product is well worth it! 

Olaplex Anniversary Exclusive 4 Piece

Dermstore Offer: YYou’llbe receiving 3x points with every Oribe purchase! The discounts will last from now until the 29th!

Why not treat yourself to a hair treatment at the comfort of your home? This exclusive 4-piece set contains Olaplex’s best-selling products to help tackle damaged and frizzy hair for a fraction of the price you’d otherwise spend at the beauty salon. For $69, you’ll be getting a pre-shampoo treatment, hair repair treatment, reparative shampoo, and a reparative hair mask packaged in a neat gift bag! Your newly shining locks will thank you! 

First Aid Beauty Skin Fortunate Kit

Dermstore Offer: YYou’llbe saving 25% off First Aid Beauty products from now until the 29th!

Sensitive skin and all skin types will love this 5-piece kit from First Aid Beauty to nourish and protect the skin. This $95 value kit will provide you with FFAB’sbest-selling cleanser, toner pads, serum, collagen cream, and repair cream so you can kick off this year’s winter season with healthy skin.

Jade Roller Beauty Rose Quartz

Dermstore Offer: Score 30% off your favorite jade roller products from Jade Roller Beauty from now until the 29th! 

You can boost your skin’s glow and depuff with this rose quartz jade roller from Jade Roller Beauty. This handheld tool can be an excellent addition to your beauty ritual and works well with serums or facial oils – not only will you feel good, but you’ll look great too! 

Skyn ICELAND Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels (8pc)

Dermstore Offer: Treat yourself and save 30% on any Skyn ICELAND product from now until the 29th!

When stress has got you squinting, frowning, and feeling fatigued, this eye gel’s a treat! The award-winning under-eye gels instantly cool the delicate skin under the eye while peptides and elastin work their magic to plump up the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Your eyes will look revitalized and fresh in no time!

NEST Fragrances Linen Classic Candle

Dermstore Offer: You can purchase your favorite NEST products and save 25% from now until the 29th!

Get cozy this holiday season by lighting up a candle from NEST! The Linen classic candle engulfs the room with notes of apple blossom, fresh linen, and white orchid for a simple and clean but homely aroma. Plus, the glass jar makes a great centerpiece for any table for bringing out the perfect Hygge mood! 

Dr. Brandt Dark Spots No More Triple Acid Spot Minimizing Concentrate

Dermstore Offer:  Get 30% off any Dr. Brandt product from now until the 29th!

Melasma, post-acne scars, sun spots, and other stubborn dark spots can finally go away. Infused with Azelaic Acid derivative, tranexamic acid, and phytic acid, this concentrate serum is gentle in application but potent in treatment to help even out your skin tone and texture. If hyperpigmentation is a big concern, you can finally let your complexion shine! 

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