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Top 6 Hair Care Products for October 2021 (Beauty Within Faves)

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We’ve had an increasing number of hair care inquiries on Beauty Within Shop so we asked our team what some of their recent faves are. Check them out below!

Elabore Tsubaki Oil

What is it: Camellia flower hair oil that helps reduce hair frizz and split ends

Review: “I’m the type of person who doesn’t do much when it comes to hair, but I would occasionally make an appointment to get a perm. The funny thing about the most recent perm is that the hairdresser gave me this Tsubaki oil as she was teaching me how to maintain my new wavy curls. I love everything about this hair oil. Not only is it in a delightfully beautiful frosted glass bottle, but the oil smells citrusy and leaves my hair feeling nourished, healthy, and shiny. I highly recommend it!” — Deb, Beauty Editor

Ocean Mist Volume Shampoo

What is it: A paraben-free volumizing shampoo

Review: “I absolutely love this shampoo and wrote an in-depth review about it. I love it when my hair products smell good, and it just brightens my mood and lifts my spirit, so this shampoo makes it to the top of my list. Not to mention that Sachajuan’s Ocean Silk Technology provides an unparalleled scalp and hair care that leaves my hair shiny and super clean.” — Pooja, Holistic Wellness Editor

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

What is it: A hairdryer that prevents extreme heat from damaging your hair

Review: “I am a person who doesn’t like to dry my hair with a hairdryer because it just takes too much time. Most hairdryers are super loud and noisy, so it’s not even an enjoyable experience. After seeing the Dyson hairdryer featured in a Beauty Within video and learning how it shortens drying time and has a lower noise level, I decided to try this. And I have to say; it was life-changing! It comes with several styling attachments that you can interchange based on the hairstyle you’re going for. I use the diffuser for a more volumizing look and to maintain my perm. My thin, soft hair loves this!” — Amber, Video Editor

Silk Hair Scrunchies

What is it: Extra large silk hair scrunchies

Review: “Since quarantine, I’ve been growing my hair out to below my shoulders, and I couldn’t have survived that awkward stage without hair ties. Now, these extra-large hair scrunchies are my new best friend. I’m not a fan of letting my hair down since they, more often than not, get on my face and ultimately block my line of sight. Other than making your life easier, you can look cute while doing so. ;)” — Kai, Operations Manager

BeautyBio Healthy Scalp Hair Density & Clarifying Serum

What is it: A nourishing scalp serum that helps improve hair density for fuller-looking hair

Review: “I’ve been looking around for a reliable hair serum, and this one’s probably my best discovery yet. I just started using it, so I can’t say in terms of results, but I love the texture! I’ve tried before other serums before, and I found them too oily or too watery that it trickles down your face – and you don’t want scalp serum mixing into your freshly done skincare! This one is a sweet in-between gel texture that doesn’t leave behind any nastiness, which makes me use it more consistently. :)” — Lucy, Motion Graphics Animator

Moremo Revitalizing Hair Tonic

What is it: A nutritional hair tonic made with 60% of plant root extracts that cleans and nourishes the scalp

Review: “The design of the spray bottle makes it super easy to use. With just a few sprays, my scalp feels instantly soothed and remains comfortable throughout the day. This product helps to dissolve buildup and balance oils for a clean and healthy scalp. It also leaves a refreshing cooling effect that’s not too overwhelming.”  — Jane, Video Editor

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