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Beauty Within explores the world of skincare, beauty and wellness. We believe that with more knowledge about all the products out there, as well as our own human body and how it functions uniquely, we’re able to make positive strides to become better versions of ourselves.

The hosts take viewers out on adventures and discuss lifestyle topics with industry leaders and experts to share the wealth of knowledge to the community, so that we can all consume consciously and have some fun while at it!


Q: Where do you get all your information and facts from? How are you researching these topics?

A: When writing scripts and collecting research, we draw facts and information from as many sources we can find available on the internet. This includes beauty blogs, websites, news outlets, beauty specialist and certified dermatologist YouTubers, and medical websites and journals (especially from NCBI) to name a few. And from these sources, we do our best to compile and piece together all the information in order to create a complete picture.

As a side note: the research and script writing process can get quite intense. There are times when we find our script writers getting their minds blown or undergoing mild cases of existential crisis. 

Q: I find that your videos are always presenting contradictory information. You’re saying it’s not good to mix these vitamins together in one video, but in another video, you’re totally supporting it, etc. What’s going on?

A: Team Beauty Within aims to provide all information presented in the videos as up-to-date and accurate as we possibly can. While it is true that some videos do present contradictory information, so do our sources in the research process. We found that even medical and skincare professionals can present differing opinions and claims, since they too are also human and are coming to new understandings.

For us, we understand that it’s best to take all perspectives in mind and present them in a way that makes sense to you. With that being said, everything is a learning process. We are also learning everyday! 

Q: Then how can I tell if the videos you post present the most current information? 

A:  A good indicator is to take the most current video on a specific topic (given that there are multiple videos covering the same or similar topics) and consider it as our current take on the information. If we find more information, there’s always a possibility we’ll be creating updated videos.

Q: Recently a lot of your videos are sponsored so I’m not sure if the things you’re saying are genuine or trustworthy.

A: We totally get you. While it is true that we’ve been getting a lot of sponsorships, Beauty Within is very selective when it comes to choosing brands to work with. This means that Fel and Ro only work with brands that they genuinely love or find aligning with BW’s philosophy.  Even when the videos are sponsored, Fel and Ro have full control over what they say. This means they are free to talk honestly about the products. The last thing we want is to make the video sound like an advertisement!

On the topic of multiple videos being sponsored back to back, it’s more of a scheduling thing — it just so happened that a few brands reached out around the same time. That’s why you might notice that every couple videos are sponsored. Nonetheless, we make it a point to make every video, regardless if it’s sponsored or not, as informational and educational as possible. 

Q: The products you feature on your videos are too expensive / not available in my country D:

A: Beauty Within prioritizes knowledge over products. If the products are inaccessible to you, the knowledge can help you make informed decisions when you go out to your local beauty store. 

Q: I don’t get why you’re adding affiliate links to the products in the description box!

A: The affiliate links allow us to earn a little commission everytime you decide to purchase a product mentioned. This money helps fund our small team, the office space, and the channel to keep producing content for you!

Q: How many people are in your team to make everything happen?

A: Besides our hosts, we have six more people making up the core team. These members are the ones who make sure all social media platforms are updated regularly, and every BW episode is made and uploaded to YouTube.

Q: What editing software do you use to edit your videos?

A: We use Adobe Premiere Pro to create all episodes you see on Beauty Within! This includes all the magic you see on screen — all graphics and animations were done on Premiere Pro (and occasionally Adobe After Effects) by our talented and skilled video editors! 

Q: I want to know whether this moisturizer is good for my skin and in my skincare routine / I am ___ years old and I want to know if these products are working for me…

A: Skin care is a very personal journey. We found that although you and I might have the same skin type, our skin can tolerate different ingredients in the products we’re using. Not to mention our lifestyles, which can affect the outlook of our skin! 

At the end of the day, knowing your skin is a process that takes time and a lot of trial and error. While we can offer some advice, it’s ultimately up to you to figure out what works for your skin. Yes, even the products we suggest may not be good for some people, while others can become holy grails. Continue to experiment until you find something that works for you. 

But if you’re still unsure, we highly recommend that you consult a medical professional or beauty specialist. 

Q: The dresses and outfits you wear in the videos are soo gorgeous! Where do you get them from?

A: Awhh~ Thanks for noticing, lovelies! Fel and Ro are regulars at Rent the Runway to create their beautiful attire for each filming sesh. Rent the Runway is both cost-efficient and time-saving for their already packed schedules 🙂 

Q: Do you have separate personal channels? 

A: All of our hosts have their own personal channels that you can check out here: Felicia’s Youtube, Rowena’s Youtube, Mia’s Youtube

Q: I’m new to starting a skincare routine and I’m unsure where to start! Is there a playlist for all the basics (like breaking down each step, forming the basis, etc.)? 

A: Yep! We have a playlist on this in our channel that you can check out here.

Q:  Are Felicia and Rowena certified dermatologists? Aestheticians? Biologists?

A: Fel and Ro aren’t certified skin specialists — but they are skincare enthusiasts! They have a passion for researching in-depth on all things science, skin care, mind, and body. 

Q: We miss Mia! Where is she? 

A: We miss her too! Mia is currently in Australia, where she’s currently living her best life with her husband. You can follow Mia and drop by a loving message on her instagram.

Q: Does that mean she’s not going to be in future Beauty Within videos anymore?

A: Since the BW headquarters and filming studio are based in NYC and Mia is in Australia…well, you get the idea. But that’s not to say that you won’t see her anymore! Whenever Mia makes a trip back to NYC, we’ll definitely be recording lots of episodes with her 🙂 

Q: Where are Rowena, Mia and Felicia from? Their accents sound different!

A: Felicia and Mia are from Australia, while Rowena is from Southern California!

Do you have other questions or comments you want to leave us? Feel free to send us a message below! Thank you lovelies!

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