1Downward Dog

This position stretches your hamstrings along with other leg muscles, increasing your flexibility. Your natural body weight helps open the shoulders while straightening the back and releasing tension in the neck.


  1. Straighten legs and back, forming upside down “v” shape.
  2. Don’t lift your head.
  3. Let it fall.

2Y Stretch

By decompressing your spine, you will stand straighter, effectively making you appear taller. This is one of the best stretches to bring your spine into alignment.


  1. As you lift your arms up, breathe in, and keep your torso on the floor.
  2. You will feel a squeeze in your mid-back.
  3. Breathe out as you come down.

3Reach For The Sky

If you’re sitting in an office all day or just always find yourself hunching over, this is the best & simplest stretch to correct your posture.


  1. Stand a comfortable distance from the wall.
  2. To protect your lower back, try not to engage your lower back muscle.
  3. Calm your mind and slow your breathing.

4Shoulder Stretch

Slouching makes you look at least 2 inches shorter! Do this exercise daily to straighten your back.


  1. Remember to breathe as you stretch.

5Hip Flexor Stretch

Decompressing your joints daily can lengthen your vertical height.


  1. Your hip flexors are located near the top of your thighs.
  2. Adjust yourself so you feel the stretch in the targeted area.

6Toe Lift

Doing this daily literally takes less than 1 minute! Add this to your routine.


  1. Rise and fall slowly to protect your muscles.

How to grow taller naturally! We put together 6 stretches to help you get an extra inch or two and improve your posture, because some of you might just think you’re short and we want to help you add extra inches wherever you can hehe 🙂 Hope you enjoy the video!