Imagine this: you’re applying the next step to your routine when all of a sudden you start to feel eraser-like shavings clumping up and falling off your skin. What is going on here?! Now this, my beauties, is the dreaded case of pilling. Not to worry, we’ve got some tips to help you prevent this unfortunate sitch because who wants to start their routine all over again, am I right? But let’s first go into detail about why this might be happening.

4 Reasons Why Your Products Are Pilling

1. You’re applying your skincare too quickly

It happens. You’re in a rush to get out the door, so you try to speed through your routine. But this impatience to get your products on pronto is what leads to…. you guessed it – pilling. That’s because there’s simply too much product on your skin at once (warning: skincare overload) and not enough time in between for it to absorb.

2. Wrong order of application

A good rule to follow is thinnest to thickest consistency. In other words, you want to apply your water-based products first before you go in with the oil-based ones. That way, when you’re layering, the ingredients can effectively penetrate through the skin, and you’re receiving the full benefits. But what happens when you apply this in reverse order? That’s right, pilling.

3. Your products might not be absorbing into your skin

Reason #3: it’s not you; it’s me (aka skin!) For instance, when dealing with excess dead skin, the buildup prevents the skin from absorbing the products properly. You might notice the same for your textured, rough, bumpy, or congested skin – not fun!

4. Presence of a certain ingredient

Time to take a good, hard look at the back of the skincare box! Sometimes, even the most common ingredients can end up being your worst enemy. If you notice any pilling, see if your products contain any of the following: silicone, dimethicone, wax, talc, mica, etc.

4 Tips to Follow

1. Take Your Sweet Time

Never rush. Waiting a minute or two in between applications can make all the difference. Make sure your skin is somewhat dry before moving on to the next step.

2. Less Is More

“More is better” isn’t always the case, especially when we’re talking about skincare. Try lessening the amount for each skincare step and build your way up. This will help your skin absorb everything better. Not to mention, you’re saving your precious moolah by not wasting so much product.

3. Exfoliate Regularly

Once you’ve got a good sense of how well your skin can tolerate exfoliation, it’s time to add this to your routine. Exfoliating consistently, whether it be daily or twice a week, can really create a smooth foundation for better absorption. And the more your skincare absorbs, the less likely it will pill.

4. Pat Don’t Rub

Rubbing in your skincare creates friction, which can cause it to ball up and pill. (Plus, it leads to more wrinkling – and we definitely don’t want that!) Instead, try gently patting and pressing the product into your skin. Remember, always be kind to your skin, friends!

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