Dry and dehydrated skin beauties, it’s your time to shine! The Sephora 2020 Spring Sale is finally here with deals you won’t want to miss. Check out our recommendations so you can get your hands on the best skincare products for your skin type.

12It Cosmetics Cleanser


This buttery, creamy cleanser is unlike anything we’ve ever tried before. It has almost all the ingredients you would want in a hydrating product, from hyaluronic acid to soothing oatmeal and skin-barrier friendly ceramides. It’s also super moisturizing – perfect for dry skin!

11Belif Aqua Bomb Cleanser


The Belif Aqua Bomb Cleanser gives your face a burst of hydration while gently removing makeup and other impurities. The jelly-to-foam texture feels great and won’t leave your skin feeling stripped or ‘squeaky clean’. You’ll find a little goes a loooong way!

10The Inkey List PHA Toner


If you have dry or flaky skin, exfoliation is key! The Inkey List Toner isn’t just hydrating, it also helps to slough off those dead skin cells and make your face brighter and smoother with 3% Polyhydroxy Acid (PHA). This product is great for those who are new to chemical exfoliants and want to try something gentle after a nice cleanse.

9Fresh Rose Hydration Toner


The Fresh Hydration Toner smells heavenly, and it works wonders for dry skin! It’s packed with different rose ingredients, like toning rose fruit extract and nourishing rose oil, that get your face feeling so hydrated and so clean! It’s gentle enough to use daily, both morning and night.

8The Ordinary Lactic Acid + HA

The Ordinary Lactic Acid


New to AHAs, but not sure where to start? Inside this bottle is a simple, yet effective formula. It has lactic acid, along with other soothing agents [anti-inflammatory tasmanian pepperberry], so even the most sensitive skin types will enjoy this exfoliant. Don’t forget to put on sunscreen!

7The Inkey List Hydrating Serum


Hyaluronic Acid is one of those go-to, must-have ingredients for dry/dehydrated skin. It works really well with other ingredients, like vitamin C. And it helps to rejuvenate your skin and barrier. This specific product has a very thin texture that instantly sinks in and absorbs in your skin. Use it in the morning and at at night, followed by the rest of your routine, for a boost of hydration!

6Innisfree Green Tea Serum

innisfree hydrating serum


Green tea is a K-beauty fav, with its powerful antioxidant properties and skin-loving benefits! The serum is made with Jeju green tea to hydrate and replenish your face. It also contains panthenol to help strengthen skin barrier. Not only does the serum absorb quickly, it also leaves your skin feeling moisturized and baby-soft!

5Dr Jart+ Ceramidin Cream


The Ceramidin Cream is great for when your barrier needs some desperate healing. The product’s 5-Cera Complex includes a bunch of ceramides that help to glue the cells back together and plump up the skin. It has a rich, creamy texture that moisturizes without feeling too oily or greasy, and it’s thick enough for the wintery months. Definitely a life-saver!

4First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer


Looking for a moisturizer that’s not too thick and good for sensitive skin? We got your back! The First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair has a lot ingredients that work together to hydrate, nurture, and calm dry/stressed skin. It glides on easily and sinks into the skin so fast, so it’s perfect for the day and night. You can also use it as a prep for your makeup.

3The Ordinary “B” Oil


This face oil is very hydrating and nourishing with its unique blend of oils (marula, argan, rosehip, squalane, etc.). You can use the oil alone or mixed with the other Ordinary liquid treatments, like Hyaluronic Acid and Buffet. The scent might throw you off, and it might take a while to absorb. But overall, this product is 100% a bang for your buck!

2Glow Recipe Ultra-Fine Mist


The Glow Recipe Mist is like ‘hydration on a cloud’. Each spritz of this foggy mist will be sure to make your face glowing and dewy! The watermelon ingredient is very hydrating and soothing, and it’s strong with antioxidants as well. On top of that, the hibiscus AHA is a gentle exfoliant that helps with cell turnover and skin-softening. Use this after cleansing as a toner or whenever you need some added hydration.

1Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask


This mask is a miracle for dry and stressed-out skin. It’s filled with hyaluronic acid and other antioxidant ingredients, like vitamin C for brightening and vitamin E for hydrating. Use this as a wipe-off/overnight mask or as an intense moisturizer for that summer glow!