Unique Over $50 Gift Ideas to Spoil Your Loved Ones With (2021)

If you’re looking to spend extra on something thoughtful and unique to surprise your loved ones, we compiled over $50 gift ideas for impressing everyone during the holidays. Your White Elephants and Secret Santas are about to get interesting! 

P.S. We also have an under $50 guide with budget-friendly gift ideas just for you!

For the Luxury Skincare Flexer

For the Serious Beverage Drinker

For “All That Glitters is Gold”

For the At-Home Hair Stylist

For the Cozy & Comfy Fragrance Lover

For the Men in Your Life

For the Practical Tools & Gadgets Lover

For the Hygge Lifestyle Practitioners

For the “Comfy & Warm” Looks

For the Siesta Snoozers

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