Applying makeup is no longer the same as it used to be. While we go about our daily lives wearing masks, smudging makeup is a common issue we want to minimize as much as possible. We understand that going completely makeup-free is not doable for some, especially for special occasions when you need to look presentable indoors and outdoors. But we got you! Here are some smudge-proof makeup tips to keep your makeup fresh and long-lasting without the hassle of ruining your mask! 

Tip #1: Prime the Skin

Since we want to aim for makeup that stays on for as long as possible, you’ll want to set a barrier between your skin and your makeup with primers. As you might know, primers can help keep your makeup lasting longer on your face than if you were to go without it. Best of all, it can help minimize the chances of clogging your pores and make your skin look smooth and blurred out. By the way, makeup can’t look its best without your skincare is on point, so it’s important to load up on hydrating ingredients and sunscreen before starting your makeup! 

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Tip #2: Set a Good Foundation (Literally!)

For foundation, the key is to go as light as possible. Since masks can do a number on our skin from the trapped moisture, using light-weight, oil-free, and non-comedogenic formulas is best if you need some coverage. If you must, look for concealers, tinted moisturizers, BB creams, and CC creams with matte finishes for your foundation needs.  If we’re honest, it’s best to go au naturel (bare face) instead, but if you can’t, we have some great recommendations!

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Tip #3: Make Your Lips Smudge-Proof

Even when we can’t really see them through our masks, there’s something comforting about the gesture of applying a lip product. It completes the look and makes you feel put together! For long-lasting lip colors, peel-off lip tints, non-transferable lip creams, and stains are now on the rise!

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Tip #4: Accent Your Eyes

Since our masks are covering up a good portion of our eyes, we might as well bring them out! Emphasize the pretty shapes of your eyes with a sharp cat-eye and fanning lashes. And to keep up with the smudge-proof makeup look, resilient and waterproof formulas are definitely the way to go!

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Tip #5: Powder & Spray Away

Lastly, don’t forget to seal all the hard work by layering on translucent powder and a makeup setting mist! This is especially what keeps your makeup from slipping and sliding, so don’t forget to spritz generously and wait for it to dry before putting on your mask! The key to smudge-proof makeup is in the setting spray after all!

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