With a vast collection of beauty products – and growing – it’s sometimes impossible to figure out where to put them. You might have thousands of palettes, brushes, or serums just lying around somewhere. If that’s the case, we have the perfect solution for your vanity and bathroom counter to stay clutter-free with a bonus of not having to search for a specific product whenever you desperately need it. No, Marie Kondo isn’t going to appear in front of your house/apartment magically. But these trays, drawers, and more can make all the difference. Here are 6 of the best beauty storage organizers you can find on Amazon.

6Seinlife 360 Rotating Makeup Organizer


This 360 rotating organizer is exactly what you need when you have too many products to count. Now you can store your makeup brushes, skincare, and other accessories in one place without it appearing like a mess. Plus, everything is completely customizable, including the height and position of the trays. Just give it a spin!

5Masirs Store Clear Cosmetic Storage Organizer


Keep your products right where you need them with this clear acrylic storage/organizer. It comes with multiple slots and drawers for easy access to any of your routine items, from skincare tools to daily-wear jewelry. It’s super simple, and it puts an elegant touch to your vanity.

4FaceTory Portable Beauty Fridge 


Cold skincare is just so satisfying! You can store all your jade rollers, facial masks, and more in this travel-friendly mini-fridge. It also comes with removable shelves to leave more room for your taller products. Available in two colors, the fridge gives a cool, spa-like blast to your beauty regimen!

3PuTwo Tray Mirror


This vanity tray doesn’t just look fabulous for the occasional bedroom selfie. It’s designed with a mirrored bottom and gold finish to showcase all your get-ready-with-me essentials. Put this anywhere you like for that luxurious look.

2MANO Rotating Makeup Organizer with Mirror


Organize AND protect your skincare goodies with this shatter-resistant beauty case. You can find cabinets for your cosmetics and a spacious area for your skincare. There’s even a rotating mirror so you can easily reach for what you need and get ready without having to go back and forth. Unclasp the middle for an open-top display.

1Simple Houseware Hair Dryer & Styling Tools Organizer


This sturdy basket is the perfect buy if you want to clear up space fast. It comes with mountable, padded hooks so you can hang your hair care tools and essentials close by without leaving a scratch. It keeps everything neatly tucked and your bathroom chaotic-free.

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