Let’s talk enlarged pores! If you look closely in front of a mirror, you’ll start to notice these small openings on your face – aka your pores. And they’re completely NATURAL! They actually play many roles, which include protecting and nourishing our skin with the help of sebum.

We all wish to have clear, “pore-less” skin. So how exactly do we get rid of these large, crater-filled openings?! It’s impossible to remove them completely, and probably not wise to do so either, but there are some tips to follow that can help reduce their appearance.

Tip 1: Mop Up Excess Sebum

Pores allow sebum to flow through and rise to the surface of our skin. When there’s too much, the oil can eventually fill up our pores and stretch them out. Over time, this makes them appear a lot larger and juicier.

Luckily, there are ingredients and products out there that can help decrease and balance out sebum production. For instance, topical green tea is great at reducing these oil excretions. All thanks to the compound, EGCG! We also recommend applying vitamins A and B3 [niacinamide].

If you have super oily skin, you can look into ingredients that also target acne and breakouts. I’m talking about alcohol-based astringents, like witch hazel, and your trusty exfoliating partner – salicylic acid.

Tip 2: Build Collagen

This next tip has to do with collagen. Not only is this protein key when it comes to our plump, youthful appearance, it also helps with the size of our pores. When we boost collagen, we’re essentially supporting our skin and preventing it from deflating any faster. The less baggy and loose our skin is, the smaller our pores appear.

Again, there are plenty of skincare ingredients and products that can help. Vitamin A and niacinamide are definitely on the list. Plus, there’s an active we talk endlessly about that’s also crucial to collagen synthesis, and that is vitamin C!

Tip 3: Stock Up On Sunscreen

This last tip is underrated yet effective. Constant sun and UV exposure can damage your collagen and elastin fibers. With time, this can loosen up the structure of your dermis layer and lead to enlarged pores.

The best way to keep your dermis layer happy and your skin firm and youthful is by applying SPF daily. By giving your skin the protection that it needs, your pores will definitely thank you in the long run. This time, worry less about the ingredients. Just pick out what you like, your tried-and-true favorites.

If you want more tips on how to tackle enlarged pores, check out the video below:

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