Lip Basting 101: The Secret To Smooth And Soft Lips
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No, Lip Basting is not the secret to a delicious turkey dinner. It’s a trend created by board-certified dermatologist and social media star Dr. Shereene Idriss that’s taking the internet by storm! Let’s discuss whether her method will cure our chapped and dry lips this winter!

Causes Of Dry and Chapped Lips

Unlike our skin, which has sebaceous glands to keep our skin soft and nourished, our lips have fewer sebaceous glands that cause frequent drying. But depending on our environment, we can dry our lips even more! For example, your lips will become more chapped in a cold and dry climate due to the lack of moisture in the air. Another reason includes lip licking; since your saliva contains enzymes to help digest your food, these enzymes can also cause your lips to dry out. Finally, your lip products might be an additional cause to dry lips. Some lipsticks contain wax, which can lead to excessive dryness and exaggeration of chapped lips.

Lip Basting:

Dr. Shereene Idriss termed this routine a few years ago, but it’s recently becoming more relevant. Lip basting uses a gentle chemical exfoliant to exfoliate the lips and leave the skin feeling smoother and even. After the exfoliating process, layer a thick cream for deep hydration and wait a few minutes to allow the cream to settle. Afterward, wipe off any excess with a tissue. Then, you can use a lip product of your choice, and your lips should feel nourished throughout the day.

Who Is Lip Basting For?

Because skincare is unique and different for each individual, lip basting may not be for everyone. For example, if you experience frequent cold sores, Dr. Idriss suggests that this method may be too strong. Additionally, if you have broken skin to the extent where it feels painful, she recommends avoiding this routine too! Another thing to be mindful of is the frequency. If you have super sensitive skin, it is best to follow this routine once a week. For normal skin, Lip basting two or three times a week should be fine!

Editor’s Experience

I struggle with super sensitive and dry lips. Every night, I wake up to very chapped and rough lips if I don’t slather on a multi-functioning cream or lip balm. It wasn’t until I saw this lip-basting trend that I realized I had been unconsciously doing a portion of this method myself for the past few years!

One of my favorite products is the La Roche Posay Cicaplast Balm. At the end of my skincare routine, day and night, I will slather my face with this product (especially over the lips). But, in comes a chemical exfoliator! I dip a q-tip into the Ordinary Glycolic Acid Solution. Then, I gently massage my lips with the solution-dipped q-tip. Once that dries, I slather on a heavy layer of the Cicaplast Balm. After ten minutes, I wipe off the excess product! Oh my goodness! Immediately after, I can tell my lips are noticeably soft and smooth! I also like to apply lip oil throughout the day to keep them hydrated and give my lips some extra love!

Overall, Lip Basting is a practical and easy way to exfoliate the lips and keep them super smooth! This trend is certainly worth incorporating into my routine!

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