12Cleanse Away

Then I Met You Cleansing Balm


The Living Cleansing Balm brings life to Fel’s 2-step cleansing ritual. The rich oil works to break apart any makeup, sunscreen, and other debris. Meanwhile, the fatty acids replenish and nourish the skin for ultra repair.

11Bye Bye Dark Spots

Paula’s Choice 10% Niacinamide Booster


Powerup your skincare routine with the Niacinamide Booster. Fel absolutely loves niacinamide for her oily/acne-prone skin. It helps with bumpiness, sebum regulation, discoloration, pore size – everything!

10Trust Ancient Ingredients

NIOD Sanskrit Saponins Cleansing Balm


The Sanskrit Cleansing Balm is very rooted in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Ancient ingredients like soapberry, desert date, and shikakai help to cleanse your skin back to health. The balm also moisturizes and nourishes while returning nutrients to the skin.

9Most Comforting Mist

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist


The Watermelon Mist is beauty on a cloud. It’s extremely fine with watermelon extract, hibiscus, rice germ oil, hyaluronic acid, and apple cider vinegar. All in all, it’s a very pleasant and hydrating experience. Fel loves to spritz it over her face and use it as a toner.

8Best For Skin Brightening

Good Science Beauty Skin Brightening Cream


The Skin Brightening Cream is great if you want a product that evens out pigmentation and acne marks. It incorporates melatonin, the anti-aging ingredient, and glutathione for brightening. Expensive, but sooo worth the pay.

7Most Hydrating Serum

La Roche Posay Hyalu B5 Serum


The Hyalu B5 Serum can benefit anyone because we all need hydration. And what hydrates the skin? Hyaluronic aci!! It lessens the appearance of fine lines, repairs the skin barrier, and visibly plumps up the skin. However, this product does contain a bit of fragrance, so be sure to patch test.

6A Dry Gal’s Dream

Paula’s Choice Omega + Complex Moisturizer


Ro loves LOVES the Omega+ Complex Moisturizer. Since it’s full of omega fatty acids, it helps to bring back moisture and strengthen the skin barrier. It’s great for dry/dehydrated, combo, and stressed skin. You can also use this moisturizer during the winter months, when you want to get rid of those dry patches.

5For that Extra Plumpness

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NIOD Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex Vers.2


Another splurge worthy skincare product is the Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex. It’s jam packed with hyaluronic acid, with 15 different hyaluronic compounds. This makes it super super hydrating. It also helps with skin elasticity, tone, and plumpness to keep you looking your very best.

4Toner & Moisturizer Duo

Laneige Cream Skin Refiner


The multi-step, 2-in-1 formulation makes your skincare routine a little bit easier by acting as both a toner AND moisturizer. The product is suitable for normal, dry, combo, sometimes even oily skin. One of the ingredients is the white leaf tea water, which is rich in amino acids and antioxidants. It also helps to moisturize and strengthen your skin barrier

3Most Splurge Worthy Toner

I’m From Rice Toner


Rowena always goes back to the Rice Toner because it helps to hydrate her super dry skin. The rice extract is a very gentle ingredient that is rich in amino acids. Over time, it works well to repair and strengthen the barrier. Next time your mom asks you to splash rice water over your face, you’ll know why.

2Replenish & Revitalize

Farmacy Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask


The Honey Potion Mask has a very unique and innovative formulation. It heats up to create a milky, sticky texture that replenishes the skin with amino acids and antioxidants. The honey blend also gives you moisture, nourishment, and soothing properties for a look of glowing radiance.

1Our Favorite Face Oil

Go-To Face Face Hero Facial Oil


Fel’s favorite face oil of all time is the Face Hero Facial Oil. It’s lightweight, fast-absorbing, quick-drying, and non-comedogenic. In other words, this is perfect for anyone with oily skin. You can mix it into your products, use it alone, on your face, on your body. Just find what works for you~

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