The year is over, but the excitement is just getting started! What better way to kick off the new year than to break down some 2020 skin care trends that are sure to grow BIG and BOLD. From encapsulated ingredients to meditation, there’s something out there for all you beauties to try!

1. Encapsulation

The future of skin care begins now! Encapsulation works like a shuttle and gently delivers actives to your skin in a protein/polysaccharide-based shell. Once applied, the shell will then fade or burst for long-lasting effects. Encapsulated ingredients are great because they don’t break down or release right away. Above all, you get the benefits of a strong active without the sensitivity or irritation.

For more capsule action, try out ampoules. They target specific concerns and give your skin care routine the single-dose boost it needs.

2. Multi-Step Products

Say goodbye to the K-beauty 10-step and hello to streamlined skin care. 

Beauty brands are creating ways to make your routine as quick and easy as possible. Meaning, they formulate products that let you combine and replace steps. I’m talking about essence toners, exfoliating cleansers, all-in-one concentrates, and many more. Multi-step products don’t just declutter your bathroom space. They also help you save time and money. Because we know how exhausting and expensive regimens can get.

3. Minerals & Electrolytes

Vitamins are still as popular as ever, but what about minerals and electrolytes? Well, it’s time for them to shine! Electrolytes are essential minerals that emit a charge when mixed with liquid. They are naturally found in our bodies and play a part in tissue repair, pH balance, and other bodily functions. More importantly, they replenish hydration and lock in moisture, making it a great ingredient for dehydrated skin in need of some T.L.C.

If you’re ever in the skin care aisle, look out for these three: magnesium, potassium, and calcium. 

4. Customized Skin Care

Your skin is constantly changing due to time, the environment, the weather, etc. And therefore, you should listen to your skin and understand what it’s telling you before you buy the next hyped product.

With that in mind, 2020 will be the year of personalized, bespoke beauty. Brands are quickly getting rid of the “one size fits all” motto and customizing products that cater to individual consumers and their unique skin. Finally, no more trial-and-errors, no more experimentation. Just formulations that work for you and you only. I mean, if you can create your own makeup, why not do the same for your serums and moisturizers?

5. Slow Down & Destress

Sometimes we let stress get the best of us, which can lead to… you called it – acne! So 2020 is going to slow things down a bit by making sure we’re not super overwhelmed. Skin care is also self-care, so this upcoming year is about channeling stress from within. And in order to do that, it’s important to focus on the mind and body through activities like meditation. Meditation and mindfulness are going to be more popular than ever, with the help of apps that promote wellness and get us through the tiring day.

All in all, these 2020 skin care and wellness trends are sure to change how you see the new year and help you get that clear, plump skin!

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