I can’t believe summer is almost over and it’s time to pack for a new school year!

Whether you’re heading off to experience dorm life for the first time, spending a semester abroad, or still staying in your childhood bedroom, you’ll want to make sure you stock up on the necessities like planners, study supplies, room essentials, as well as skincare and hair care products!

Feeling a little overwhelmed? Here’s our ultimate back-to-school shopping list to help you get started.

1Keep Calm and Planner

Papier Academic Year Planners

For those who like to put pen to paper, this academic planner helps you organize your university or college days with handy term timetables, deadline, finance, and grade trackers, as well as yearly, monthly, and weekly overviews. The act of planning is a perfect way to get yourself mentally prepared for your busy schedule ahead so you can keep calm throughout the semester. And if Papier is on the pricier side, this one from Papercode has all the same functions, if not more, at only $18 on Amazon.

2All Your Supplies in One Place

Jumbo Pencil Case

Your storage solution for all things stationery and beyond. It can accommodate up to 50 pens, pencils, makeup brushes, lipsticks, you name it! It’s almost blasphemous to call it a pencil case, but it is what it is.

3Write and Be Right

Blackwing Pencils

Hand’s down the most stylish pencil I’ve never seen in real life. I bet you won’t see anyone else rocking the same pencil, and they’ll all be asking where you got yours. You’ll also want a dependable pencil sharpener to pair with that, and trust me, they’ll all fit in your jumbo pencil case.

4Best Pens in Class


Not a pencil person? Not a problem. These colored pens have a felt tip so you can write in class – get it? 😉

5Don’t Leave Your Laptop Naked

Casetify Laptop Cover

Your laptop deserves a cute back-to-school outfit just as much as you do! Protect it from scratches, scuffs, and other wear and tear and dress it up with this adorable snap-on case. Or if you want to show your true color, this clear snap-on case is $18 on Amazon and boasting with reviews.

6I Need More Than A Case


Give your laptop a warm, cozy padded protection with a laptop sleeve. This one comes with extra storage, so you don’t leave your dongle life behind.

7Work From Anywhere

LapGear Lap Desk

A lap desk that you never knew you needed to work from anywhere, in comfort. I mean, it’s lightweight and has a little handle at the top, so you can literally take this anywhere.

8How do you keep charging?


Smartly and wirelessly, of course. How smart, you ask? Well, the 3-in-1 type of smart.

9Most Perfect Bag Ever (Not My Words)


Jasmine from Miami, FL said: “It is stylish and matches with everything, timeless and it seems like it will last a long time. The only bag that stays looking sleek and slim but can hold soooooo much inside. Has many compartments for organization. Has a separate laptop pocket that fits my 15.6 inch laptop. I love that the water bottle holder can be hidden away when not in use. Also, there is a hidden side pocket aside from all the other pockets. Also has a card holder in the back and can go on luggage. The straps have a strong material on the inner part so that they don’t get damaged by the weight. Images don’t do justice to how amazing this bag is, much better in person and the quality feels great.”

10A 4-Layer Mask for You

Kukje Pharma Medi Mask

Need a mask? This FDA-approved KF94 mask has a four-layer structure to help filter out more than 94% of particle sizes averaging 0.4 micrometers, while the simple and clean design makes it easy to match with any outfit!

11Wake Me Up When September Ends

Philips Wake Up Morning Clock

Just kidding, don’t. Can’t be failing school before it even starts now, can we? Keep your participation grade up and wake up to that morning class with the help of the Philips SmartSleep Wake-up Light. It simulates the rising sun and has a choice of five sounds from nature to help your body wake up naturally so you can start your day feeling peaceful, refreshed, and energetic!

12Essential Towels from Nutrl

Nutrl Classic Towels

Sometimes we forget how important towels can be for keeping our skin clean and free from bacteria. This antimicrobial and antibacterial cotton towel dries quickly and prevents fungus and bacteria from growing. Plus, we just love how soft it feels. It’s like a warm hug on the face!

13IKEA’s Unbeatable Bed Tray

IKEA bed tray

Enjoy the comfort of working anywhere you want with a lovely bed tray! You can treat yourself to a morning in bed, either reading a book or watching your favorite show while enjoying breakfast. Or, put it on your desk for a comfortable working area when you want to stand and study. Plus, the foldable legs make it super easy to store without taking up your precious room space.

14Indie Lee’s Pillow Mist

Indie Lee Pillow Mist

Create a soothing nighttime ritual with this light calming mist. The act of applying a few sprays of this every night before bed helps you get into the mindset of “oh it’s time for bed,” and the lavender and cedarwood aroma helps promote calmness and relaxation for better sleep.

15Drink More Water!

Fruit Infuser Water Bottle Vacuum

Add a splash of fun and nutrients while you stay hydrated with this sleek fruit infuser water bottle! Unlike other designs, the fruit infuser is at the bottom and keeps your blend of fruits, herbs, or edible flowers submerged for extra flavor. It’s made with stainless steel to help keep your beverage at just the right temperature. The built-in handle on the lid makes it convenient to hold and perfect to carry wherever you go.

16Magnetic Picture Sleeve Magnet For All Your Polaroids

Magnetic Picture Sleeve Polaroids

Decorate your space with your favorite memories from the summer with these magnetic photo sleeves. So whenever you take a moment to look at them, you can recall and relive those fun moments as you wind down at the end of the day.

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