Supergoop! just recently launched a product that takes simple and multipurpose skincare to another level. The Daily Dose combines some of our all-time favorite ingredients, including 10% vitamin C and 2% niacinamide, to give you that iridescent glow. That’s not all! The spotlight is on its formulation containing SPF for UV and blue light protection, making this the very first vitamin C + SPF serum in the entire skincare market! I don’t know about you all, but I’m officially hooked!

That Spark

When it comes to vitamin C, we’re capital ‘O’ Obsessed. But it can be very unstable and tough to work with, especially when you’re unsure where to begin. You might not know, but SPF is actually crucial to the effectiveness of the brightening active. “Vitamin C, when it’s exposed to sunlight without UV protection, it gets completely photo-incinerated,” Holly Thaggard – CEO and founder of Supergoop! – tells Beauty Within. After learning this interesting fact, Thaggard made it her goal to combine the active with sunscreen to boost the antioxidant benefits and protection. She also wanted to create something easy to use and could help simplify everyone’s routines. Voila, here we have the Supergoop! Daily Dose Vitamin C + SPF 40!

Why Just Now?

You might be wondering why it hasn’t been done before. Why are we just seeing a product like this now? According to Thaggard, “Not every vitamin C works well with SPF… SPF and vitamin C, as it turns out, require a specific pH environment in order to stabilize the vitamin C and the active ingredients for the sun protection.” It takes many, many trials and extensive research for it to be done right and not fall apart. And that’s why it took Supergoop! – wait for it – three years to develop the serum.


We’re so used to applying SPF at the end of our morning routine, but it can feel quite uncomfortable, especially when we put on a lot at once. When talking to Thaggard, we realized that it’s more about layering bit by bit along the way, starting with your serum. That way, you can finish off with full coverage sun protection without it feeling too heavy or thick on the skin.

For the ultimate full face protection, apply as you would any serum, then follow with your favorite SPF-infused moisturizer, beauty base, etc. Give it 15 minutes to work your magic before you get out in the sun.

Other Ingredients To Boost That SPF Life

Vitamin C is the highlight of this unique, milky genius. Still, it has other ingredients that boost your SPF protection, such as vitamin E, also known as tocopherol. This active ingredient is made up of oil-soluble antioxidants to help fight environmental stressors. When applied topically, it helps to brighten the skin and acts as a shield against premature aging. Talk about a skincare goodie! Another ingredient on the list is ferulic acid. Like the other two, it’s a powerful antioxidant that can combat free radical damage. Fun fact, it’s also an incredible boost to your Cs and Es. 

There are so many serums out there that incorporate these actives. One of your holy grails might even have all three! As always, if you’re new to any of these ingredients, choose carefully and give yourself a mini patch test before continuing.

Product + Recommendations for Other Similar Formulas

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