Slow Down With a Cup of Blooming Tea (Beauty Within x The Qi)
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As tea lovers living in the Big Apple, team Beauty Within knows the struggles of getting caught up in the whirlwind of our frantic modern world. That’s why we wanted to present a way to give ourselves and our loved ones a gentle reminder to create small moments to slow down. And what better way to do so than to collaborate with wellness brand The Qi to create our own exclusive blooming tea? 

Introducing The Qi x Beauty Within Blooming Tea

Beauty Within is excited to partner with wellness brand The Qi to bring you our first ever blooming tea! The blooming tea truffle features a blend of premium green tea leaves, peony flower, and globe amaranth – all handpicked and encased in a carefully packaged ball that unfurl and bloom the moment you pour hot water over it. 

The Qi blooming tea bloom pot set
BW Blooming Tea x The Qi | Courtesy of The Qi

As you steep and brew the tea, the truffle will, in time, reveal a beautiful, visually pleasing and captivating experience for your senses as it comes to life and dances before your very eyes. You’ll want to take pictures of the experience! 

What inspired us to collaborate with The Qi?

As a small and lean team, we love to help work and support other small businesses that share our same passion and dedication to inspire others to remember their roots. 

Qi founder Lisa Li certainly found her calling after taking a trip to Yunnan, China and discovering the finest and high quality flower teas.

Lisa Li The Qi Collab
The Qi Founder Lisa Li at the BW Blooming Tea x The Qi Pre-Launch Event | Courtesy of The Qi

We were inspired by her story and mission of bringing back tea rituals and creating spaces to slow down and connect. So we partnered with The Qi to create the Blooming Tea as a way to give back to this beautiful community we have with you.

Qualities of the Blooming Tea

In each Blooming Tea box, you’ll be greeted with nine blooming tea bulbs nestled carefully within the pink packaging. As you remove a tea bulb from its home, you’ll see a beautiful message to help you start your ritual on a positive note. 

BW Blooming Tea x The Qi
BW Blooming Tea x The Qi | Courtesy of The Qi

As for the tea itself, you’ll be tasting fruity, floral, and sweet notes from the green tea, peony, and globe amaranth flower – perfect for a morning or midday pick-me-up!

Here’s a brief breakdown of what’s in each tea bulb: 

The Qi blooming tea full bloom
BW Blooming Tea x The Qi | Courtesy of The Qi
  • Green Tea: This baby’s jam-packed with antioxidants that are well researched and known to help provide multiple health benefits. Most notably, drinking green tea can even help boost mood, cognition, and brain function. It’s also a fantastic ingredient for skincare products due to its anti-inflammatory and astringent properties – making it wonderful for all skin types to benefit from.
  • Peony Flower: These gorgeous flowers are great for their inflammatory properties, as well as liver support, and skin health. 
  • Globe Amaranth Flower: Also known as Gomphrena tea, the Globe Amaranth Flower is perfect for digestive support and heart health. They also give the tea a pop of color! 

And if you’re also in need of a caffeine kick, you’ll love that the Blooming Tea has medium caffeine levels to keep you going throughout the day. 

Is there a special meaning behind the Blooming Tea?

When we worked with The Qi to create a Blooming Tea, we wanted to create an opportunity for you to pause, slow down, and enjoy being in the present – either by yourself or with loved ones. As the tea blooms in hot water, we want to remind you to bloom just as fully as the tea and see the beauty surrounding you as you take in the moment you’re creating. 

BW Blooming Tea x The Qi | Courtesy of The Qi

The flowers we selected for the tea bulbs also hold a special purpose. We picked the peony flower within the Blooming Tea to highlight its symbolic meanings of cultivating resilience, elegance, strength, love, and happiness – all of which we stand by here at Beauty Within. 

The bright Amaranth flower adds another layer to the meanings since they represent immortality and everlasting faith and love. 

As you take a sip of the Blooming Tea, we want to remind you of all these qualities and hope that you can find tiny moments of peace and grounding, so that you can find your own ways of growing and bloom into your best and authentic selves. 

Where can I get the Blooming Tea?

Great news! The Blooming Tea is now available for purchase over at The Qi’s website so you don’t have to wait to grab these delightful handmade artisanal blooming teas. 

The Qi blooming tea
BW Blooming Tea x The Qi | Courtesy of The Qi

The Blooming Teas will be available in limited quantities over at The Qi’s website, so be sure to grab a box (or two) before they run out! 

We hope this little collaboration helps inspire you to carve out small moments of tranquility and remind you to continue to grow and bloom.

With all our love,

Team BW

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