28 Lessons To Celebrate 28 Years of Life
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As the saying goes, “one year older, one year wiser!” A lot of things can happen within a year, so I decided to compile 28 lessons I learned to impart a little bit of wisdom for anyone who needs some inspiration. These lessons come from very personal experiences, so I hope something resonates for you too!

And who knows? Maybe you can take this as a prompt for your lessons!

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28 Lessons To Celebrate 28 Years of Life

1. Learn to Love Being in Your Company

Loneliness happens when you value seeking comfort and approval of others. Learn to love being in your company; you’ll be surprised to see what you’re capable of.

2. Life is Too Short to Worry About What Others Think About You

Give yourself permission to screw up and make a fool of yourself. In my case, keep on bapping that punching bag like a cat, if that’s how you feel while boxing. Speak up instead of holding your frustrations in. It feels uncomfortable at first, but you’ll gradually learn to be fearless everyday.

Author shares a picture of her boxing gloves | 28 Lessons To Celebrate 28 Years of Life
Author shares a picture of her boxing gloves | 28 Lessons To Celebrate 28 Years of Life

3. Find Value and Importance in Peace

As much as it’s exciting to be out and about, give yourself moments of silence and solitude. Be comfortable with being alone with your own thoughts and allow yourself to become more aware of your emotions and body. Eventually, you’ll have a home to retreat to within yourself.

4. Everyone’s Figuring Things Out

You may not notice it, but know that you will never find a person who has it “together”. Everyone’s learning and doing their best to walk down their own life journeys. Even the people you look up to. Yes, even your parents, too.

5. Treat Mistakes as Opportunities to Learn

We all didn’t exit our mother’s womb knowing how to walk. Instead, we gradually learned by exploring; through the process of falling down, getting up, and eventually, taking our first steps. We were encouraged to make mistakes then; why should we criticize ourselves and go into self-deprecating mental spirals for messing up?

6. Don’t Fall Into The Trap of Comparing Ourselves

The more you fall for societal pressures and expectations, the less authentic you’ll become. View your life as a unique path instead of comparing yourself to the person next to you.

7. Face Your Fears

It’s okay to feel uncertain and afraid, but don’t let them hinder you from trying out a thing or starting something you’ve been putting off for a while. Life is too short to worry. Start, then build. Refinement can come after the experience and repetition. You’ll also feel more confident about yourself once you do and learn.

8. Life is all about Perspective

If you view everything in a negative lens, you’ll find yourself in more situations to complain about. But if you choose to find at least one good thing in any situation (even the bad), you’re paving the road for more opportunities.

9. Burnt Toast Theory – Finding Peace in Inconveniences

Perhaps it’s the universe’s way of telling you that something isn’t meant for you. Perhaps it’s a way of paving open a blessing that won’t otherwise happen. Who knows? As the saying goes, “there’s a time and place for everything!”

10. Take Care of Your Body

It’s not as young as it used to be! Nourish your body with important nutrients and allow yourself to engage in regular exercise. Your body will thank you.

11. Break the Cycle

As you navigate through your adult life, allow yourself moments of deep reflection. You’ll find that most of your thoughts, habits, and behavioral patterns (conscious and unconscious) will reflect those of your parents. Learn to identify them so that you don’t pass them onto your future children.

12. Find Glimmers of Happiness

You don’t need much to find or make happiness. Stop every once in a while to admire the sky, Savor the food you’re tasting.

Focus on giving yourself space to live in the moment without allow a single thought of doubt to cross your mind. If you’re having trouble creating happiness, there’s nothing like sharing a moment with a stranger or a loved one!

Author shares a picture of sunflowers at a flower shop | 28 Lessons To Celebrate 28 Years of Life
Author shares a picture of sunflowers at a flower shop | 28 Lessons To Celebrate 28 Years of Life

13. It’s Okay To Give Yourself Some Grace

It’s absolutely okay to use up all your vacation days or take time for yourself. No, it’s not being selfish. You need to recharge too.

14. Not Everyone You Meet Will Be Here to Stay

As you grow and change throughout the different phases of your life’s journey, so will the people closest to you. But know that the people who are meant to stay will continue to stay.

For those who leave, don’t allow yourself to become attached to the emotional bonds you’re suddenly pulled away from. Instead, learn to give yourself closure by sincerely thanking them for the memories and lessons (in your heart) and move on.

15. Everything You Do In Life is a Choice

Action is a choice, but so is inaction.

16. Keep Your Precious Heart Open

No matter how bad things may seem on the surface, don’t close your heart for the fear of getting hurt again.

17. Time Waits For No One

Wait when needed, but don’t let yourself wait for something (like a miracle) to happen. Several weeks of waiting can easily turn to years of missed opportunities. Trust me on this.

18. Set Ambitious Goals

It’s not impossible to achieve them if you start now and improve 1% each day. But don’t allow yourself to get caught up by your desire to achieve your goals. Just enjoy the process and the journey. You’ll get there before you know it.

19. Watch This Movie When You Feel Down

I don’t know about you, but I feel better when I watch The Last Holiday (Queen Latifah). I think we can learn a thing or two about the protagonist and her attitude on life. Watch the trailer here:

20. You’re the Main Character of Your Story

Remember that the only person who can change your life is you. The people around you are either your support characters or characters who challenge you so that you can grow.

21. See the World with Fresh Eyes

You see that baby looking at Christmas lights for the first time? Do the same with the world around you – instant mood booster.

22. Stay Curious

Knowledge doesn’t stop after school. Show interest in the things and people you’re curious about and see where they take you.

23. Get Your Beauty Sleep

Sleep earlier. You’ll need it.

24. Get those Tears Out

The longer you keep your feelings bottled up, the more you’ll feel pressured. It’s okay to cry and let your feelings out. You’ll feel better afterwards.

25. Beat Overthinking at Their Own Game

Nine times out of ten: the thing you’re overthinking about and beating yourself over won’t play out the way you expected. Many times, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how the outcome turned out!

26. Learn this Underrated Superpower

Give yourself (and others) peace of mind by learning to listen and understand without placing judgement over a situation or a person. Most people talk because they want to be heard. Give them that compassionate space to be in; not only will they appreciate you, but you’ll be able to walk away without feeling burdened.

27. Change Your Perspective

Disappointment happens when something or someone fails to meet up to the high expectations you set. The next time, keep things open-ended and approach with low expectations. You’ll never feel disappointed.

28. Become One with Nature

Long walks in nature are healing. Do more of that.

Author shares a photo she took of a park she went to | 28 Lessons To Celebrate 28 Years of Life
Author shares a photo she took of a park she went to | 28 Lessons To Celebrate 28 Years of Life

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