Beauty within x haruharu

When something feels so right, you just know this is it, this is love. And love, well, it comes in many forms. Sometimes it’s in the form of a gradient purple bottle filled with… facial toner. But not just any facial toner!

If you’ve followed us over the last several years, you’ll know this is one of our ultimate skincare fave. We think you all got the memo since this is consistently the top-selling product on Beauty Within Shop.

We always want to collaborate with these amazing brands that we absolutely adore, and Haruharu WONDER is definitely one of the top on our list. We’re so excited to present you our exclusive, limited-edition Beauty Within X Haruharu Black Rice Toner!

Haruharu & Beauty within collab 1

Isn’t she a beauty?

Why do we love this toner?

This toner quenches your skin like water quenches your thirst! The Black Rice Hyaluronic toner is an interesting take on your typical hyaluronic acid toner. It includes a powerhouse of ingredients such as fermented black rice extract, bamboo shoot extract, and aspergillus extract. These ingredients are a mouthful to say, but they’re all rich in antioxidants and play a role in soothing inflammation and keeping your skin barrier healthy. If you’d like to learn more about this wonder of a toner, find out more in our in-depth review.

What inspired us?

Haruharu & Beauty within collab 2

When deciding how we wanted to package the box, we thought, what better way than to combine the essence of Beauty Within and Haruharu Wonder? In the form of color. You’ll be greeted with the mellow tones of Haruharu’s mauve mixed with the Beauty Within signature pink and yellow gradients. The comforting and tranquil shades are reminiscent of dusk, a time that we look forward to as the day comes to a close and we look up into the sky.

And on the bottle itself, the Beauty Within hearts you see serves as a gentle reminder every time you use the bottle, that your beauty also lies within, and skincare is just another way to express that through a daily ritual of learning and discovery.

How was working with HaruHaru?

We are incredibly excited and thankful to work with such a thoughtful, and inspiring brand! Before we reached out to Haruharu Wonder for a potential collaboration, we saw how passionate they are in doing what they do and how willing they are to listen to consumer feedback. If you haven’t noticed, the brand made the fragrance-free version of the toner possible because of your responses! 

As we worked with Haruharu personally, we were blown away by the brand’s enthusiasm and willingness to make the collaboration possible each step of the way! Not only did they go above and beyond to send us a draft design, but they were flexible with our proposed designs and found a manufacturer who could put this into production ahead of schedule! 

We initially didn’t expect this collaboration to come to fruition until maybe next year, with all the supply chain and production issues. But to our complete astonishment, they finalized the product and sent out the shipment in half the time to match the release date we had only wished could be possible – an early Christmas miracle? We think so!

We’re incredibly thankful to Haruharu and their team for giving us this amazing opportunity, and being such a pleasure to work with. We can’t wait to see what else we can create in the near future, together with you all!

When will the toner be available?

The Beauty Within X Haruharu Black Rice Toner is now available on Beauty Within Shop (starting December 1st)! Only limited quantities are available so be sure to purchase your bottle before it’s all gone! 

Haruharu & Beauty within collab 3

We hope this collaboration helps inspire you to learn, love, and become the best version of yourself every day! 

With Love,

Team BW xx

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