When I was little, my mother told me she wanted to become a singer growing up. Since she never got to live out her dream, shy Isabel thought it would be cute to write down ‘be famous’ as one of her New Year’s resolutions. 10+ years later, I don’t own a billion-dollar house, nor do I have awards lining up on my shelf. But I’m still doing something I’m extremely passionate about! For 2021, let’s just say I’ve decided to set smaller, more achievable resolutions – ones you can get done in a year. Yes, I’m going to focus all my time and energy to make sure my skin and mind are in tip-top shape! I’ve listed some of my top skincare and wellness goals below. What are yours?

1. Stay Hydrated – One Sip Does Not Count

I’ve learned over the years that staying hydrated is so important, not just for your overall health, but your skin as well. Yet it literally takes you pulling me to the water dispenser for me to drink just one cup – one cup! That’s why I’m making it my 2021 goal to up my daily intake, so I don’t end up like that shriveled up plant I forgot to water this month. And to challenge me a little more, I’m going to stay away from the sugary drinks. Goodbye, my delicious Starbucks Frappuccinos!

2. Love It All, Not Just My Face

When I think ‘skincare,’ I tend to focus on my face – blackheads and all. But I know now that the rest of my body deserves as much love and attention. With the new year, I will add more to my routine so that this organ is cleansed, moisturized, and treated from tip to toe. Self note: don’t forget your neck!

3. Make SPF My BFF

For the longest time, I thought sunscreen was only a pre-swimming or beach day kind of thing. And nobody told me windows were pretty much useless at protecting against UV radiation and premature aging! Next year, I promise to give it my all so that I can keep my skin safe and my youth. That means, applying SPF/sunscreen daily outdoors and in – rain or shine – and reapplying whenever possible.

4. Girl, Clean Your Makeup Brushes

I’ll admit that I don’t clean my brushes as often as I should. I either keep forgetting, or I’m just plain lazy when it comes to makeup hygiene. Gross, I know. And those dirty brushes and beauty blenders might come back and haunt me with a large zit. To make sure that never happens, I’m going to try to make this less of a chore and more of a regular.

5. Give Self-Care Sunday a Try

Being stressed all the time is definitely taking a toll on my skin. Starting 2021, I will spend every Sunday to focus on moi, both mind and body. Whether it be journaling, adult coloring, or an at-home spa, these simple activities can really make a difference and each week just a little bit easier.

6. Fix My Sleep Schedule

Lately, I haven’t been sleeping that well, which obviously leads to dark, puffy eyes and a sad-looking complexion. I blame my occasional all-nighters and my non-existent sleep schedule for this. To make sure I don’t sleep too late (too early?) and get a good night’s rest, I’m making it my goal to fall asleep no later than 12 a.m. every day. Perhaps, I’ll do some pillow shopping while I’m at it.

7. Make a Cup of Tea Every Day

Did you know that drinking tea can do wonders for your skin? Well, you do now! For me, this new year will be filled with 365 days of various beverages that will leave my immune system and body glowing. It’s such a great antioxidant boost to get you through the day or a calming hug before you go to bed. Plus, this is the perfect drink of choice if you’re not a coffee fan – like me!

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