Fall K-Beauty Drops to Try This Fall (2021)

When the weather changes, so can your routine! As we enter the transitional period between Summer and Fall, it’s the best time to scour the internet for new product drops and launches. Curious to find out the hottest drops? Here are 12 new K-Beauty products to welcome the Fall. 

1Medicube Age-R Device

Medicube Age-R Device

Medicube’s latest product is the answer for professional-grade esthetician treatments at the comfort of your home. This microcurrent device may cost a pretty penny, but its design helps relieve facial tension and stimulate facial skin and sub-dermal muscles to improve wrinkles and fine lines. All it takes is ten minutes a day!

2Sioris Deep In Barrier Cream

Sioris Deep A Barrier Cream

Sioris is back with another product launch, and this time it’s a nourishing cream that feels like a comforting blanket over the face. This nighttime moisturizer is rich in antioxidants thanks to the green plum fruit water, green tea, and macadamia nut oil. But the star of this cream is the tamanu oil, which not only gives this buttery cream a pale green shade and a distinct nutty scent, but it deeply nourishes while soothing irritated skin. Perfect for the upcoming cold weather!

3Aprilskin 40% Collagen Peptide Plumping Serum

Aprilskin 40% Collagen Peptide Plumping Serum

You can moisturize, brighten dullness, and plump up dull skin – all in one. This beautiful purple serum glides onto the skin and leaves skin looking and feeling intensely hydrated without tackiness. Best of all, this serum incorporates 40% soluble plant-derived vegan collagen, peptides, and seven types of hyaluronic acid so that your skin can reap all the benefits of visibly plumper-looking skin.

4Thank You Farmer True Water Deep Moisture Cream EX

Thank You Farmer True Water Deep Moisture Cream EX

For a lightweight cream that hydrates thirsty skin, this one from Thank You Farmer might be the one you want to try. A little goes a long way with this bouncy cream, as the semi-transparent gel texture adheres to the skin and leaves deeper layers plump and hydrated.

5Purito Oat-In Calming Gel Cream

Purito oat-in calming gel cream

Refresh irritated, red, and sensitive skin with this soothing gel-cream! This newcomer from Purito uses oat seed water, beta-glucan, squalane, and panthenol to hydrate and calm skin instantly. At the same time, its lightweight and clear gel texture sink into the skin without leaving a sticky or tacky residue.

6Sekkisei Clear Wellness Tinted Cream

Sekkisei Clear Wellness Tinted Cream

Although this is a Japanese product, we think it’s worth the mention! With this year’s events causing waves of “au naturel” or minimal makeup looks, this tinted cream takes the guesswork out by combining your cream and priming step into one. This product has a light and airy texture that absorbs beautifully into your skin, and it also helps smooth out the appearance of pores, shine, and uneven skin tone.

7COSRX AC Collection Blemish Spot Drying Lotion

COSRX AC Collection Blemish Spot Drying Lotion

This newcomer from COSRX may not look as unique as the other drying lotions in the market, but it doesn’t mean it’s ineffective. Zap any existing and blind pimples with this dual-layered treatment, which contains calamine, salicylic acid, and colloidal sulfur to soothe irritation as it happens.

8Pureforet Centella Cica Toner Pad

Pureforet Centella Cica Toner Pads

Broken and compromised skin barriers will find this Centella Cica Toner Pad extra soothing and relieving thanks to its saturated essence made up of Centella Asiatica complex, tea tree leaf oil, green tea extract, and salicylic acid. And if there are still areas that require extra attention, the toner pads are large enough to use as a soothing mask whenever you need them!

9Village 11 Factory Collagen Eye Cream

Village 11 Factory Collagen Eye Cream

When the “windows to your soul” are also the areas to show the beginning signs of aging, you’ll be needing some help. This gel-type collagen eye cream contains hydrolyzed collagen, sodium hyaluronate, and lemon verbena leaf extract to retain moisture while peptides increase skin elasticity for a youthful appearance.

10Dermatory Hypoallergenic Cica Cream

Dermatory Hypoallergenic Cica Cream

Not only does this cream have a beautiful pastel blue shade, but it feels great on your skin too! This multi-tasking cream for red, dry, and stressed skin contains all the skin calming and nourishing ingredients like cica, azulene, and chamomile to help repair and strengthen your skin barrier.

11ISNTREE C-Niacin Toning Ampoule

Isntree C-Niacin Toning Ampoule

If fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, loss of collagen, and sun damage sound familiar to you, this little bottle of wonder can help speed up the recovery process. This go-to intensive ampoule may look small, but it packs a heavy punch. With 70% sea buckthorn, niacinamide, and retinyl palmitate, you can easily reap all the skin-brightening benefits for a glowing complexion.

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