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Sunscreen must be worn every single day, all year round! Because let’s admit it; there can never be too much sunscreen. So, today I compiled and put together my list for all-time best sunscreens of 2022!

1Live Tinted Hueguard 3-in-1 Mineral Sunscreen Moisturizer Primer

Live Tinted- Hueguard 3-in-1 Mineral Sunscreen Moisturizer Primer

Protection Level: SPF 30

Filters: Mineral

This is my best mineral sunscreen of 2022 and possibly ever! The product leaves no white cast, blurs my imperfections, and feels like nothing on the face. Best of all? Hueguard is a sunscreen, moisturizer, and primer all in one. It protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays, hydrates it, and blurs imperfections. It’s a life-changing product because it provides the perfect natural glow with no white cast and works for all skin tones and types, especially for sensitive skin! Because it’s at a protection level of only SPF 30, I have to reapply this more frequently. But I don’t mind since it doesn’t pill and keeps my skin looking fresh and beautiful.

2Dr. Loretta Urban Antioxidant Sunscreen with Indian Ginseng

Dr. Loretta- Urban Antioxidant Sunscreen with Indian Ginseng

Protection Level: SPF 40

Filters: Chemical/Mineral Hybrid

Need another sunscreen without a white cast? I got you! This tinted, lightweight sunscreen uses amazing ingredients like Lipochroman, zinc, peptides, and other hydrating ingredients! The peptides help to nourish the skin from within, while Lipochroman protects the skin and improves the appearance of fine lines, and ginseng restores the skin’s vitality. It’s a magical product that can benefit all skin types, including sensitive skin. I love how well it works under makeup, never pills, and leaves my skin glowing!

3Round Lab Birch Moisturizing Sunscreen

Round Lab- Birch Moisturizing Sunscreen

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Protection Level: SPF 50+ PA++++

Filters: Chemical

This chemical sunscreen offers protection while helping to brighten, soothe, and hydrate the skin! The Round Lab sunscreen is formulated with birch tree sap to decrease inflammation and hydrate the skin. It also has niacinamide to help reduce hyperpigmentation and brighten the skin. The product’s texture is very lightweight, with a thin lotion-like consistency, and I find it sinking into the skin quickly and leaving no sticky residue. Since it’s so light, this SPF can’t replace your morning moisturizer if you have dry skin. But it works well when layered with a hydrating cream or face oil! If you have super sensitive skin, you may experience some irritation due to the chemical filters. If that sounds like you, I recommend using mineral sunscreen around the eye area!

4Dr. G Green Mild Up Sun+

Dr. G- Green Mild Up Sun+

Protection Level: SPF 50+ PA++++

Filters: Mineral

If mineral sunscreens are more your type, the Green Mild Up Sun+ is perfect for all skin types, especially acne-prone and sensitive skin. The product contains calming ingredients like houttuynia cordata and Centella Asiatica. The sunscreen doesn’t feel sticky, absorbs well into the skin, and doesn’t leave a heavy white cast. The product does tone up the skin slightly, but it isn’t too harsh.

5Numbuz:n Porcelain Base-skip Tone Up Beige

Numbuz:n- Porcelain Base-skip Tone Up Beige

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Protection Level: SPF 50+ PA++++

Filters: Mineral

This sunscreen is for you if you want a foundation-free base with natural and soft coverage! This long-wearing sunscreen works as a makeup base, SPF, and foundation! Numbuz:n’s tone-up sunscreen provides a smooth and velvety coverage like a primer, evens out the skin with a neutral beige color like a foundation, and protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays with a 100% physical filter. I love that the shade is a neutral beige, not too white and ashy. It’s also nearly smudge-proof, so I can enjoy seeing no transfer on my mask and clothes!

6Bloomeffects Tulip Dew Vitamins & Mineral Sunscreen Serum

Bloomeffects- Tulip Dew Vitamins & Mineral Sunscreen Serum

Protection Level: SPF 50 

Filters: Mineral

On days when my skin looks dull, I love to use sunscreen that provides maximum dew! The Tulip Dew Sunscreen Serum is enriched with essential multivitamins for everyday protection and a dewy glow. Bloomeffects’ tulip complex leaves the skin smooth, hydrated, and glowing! Also, this sunscreen serum doesn’t have a white cast, but it provides a slight tint that makes my skin look smooth and well-rested! I love how this product is easy to use and I enjoy the dewiness I get from this sunscreen serum.

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