When it comes to skincare, with all the brands and options out there it can get overwhelming, quick. We tested the Drunk Elephant skin care line and found that each product was simple in its own way and designed to be used together. You can also switch up the order of use depending on how your skin feels on a particular day, or even mix them to boost effectiveness.

As an oily / combination skin girl, I tested each of the products for 2 months before this review — I can say I definitely became a fan! However, these products are rather pricey so it’s not necessary to jump the gun and buy all fourteen of them. Here’s a list of my top 4 Drunk Elephant products that I thoroughly enjoyed using, they have made quite a big difference to my skin.

So here’s the breakdown.

1. B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum

Inside this tall and lean blue-capped bottle is a wondrous gel consistency serum that gives a punch of moisture to the skin. After using a toner (something that the DE line doesn’t currently have), I’ll smooth this B-Hydra serum all over the face and it instantly feels smoother and plumper. It really leaves the nicest feeling on the skin, like you’ve been given a bottle of Avian after spending 5 days in the desert kind of feels. Also, there’s no slippery or shiny residue.

This serum, unlike it’s brother the Framboos Glycolic serum, is a great day and night time serum for times when you’re skin is pretty hassle free, but if you feel like there’s a storm brewing…

2. T.L.C Framboos Glycolic Night Serum

This serum has been my life saver! I first picked it up in Sephora’s aisle of doom (a.k.a the checkout aisle) as a mini-sized duo, together with the Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil. That was the day my life changed.

At the time, I was battling hormonal acne that plastered itself all over my chin and jawline. So, so horrid. It hurt so deep. Nothing helped it. Then I started to read into chemical exfoliants a.k.a AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) and BHA (beta hydroxy acid) that work together to clear the skin from the deeper layers. Voila, the glycolic night serum has a blend of both!

After using it at night for about one week my inflammation had gone down, the painful cystic-like bumps were dissipating and the clouds lingering around my inner turmoil were also fading.

So if you have problematic skin, get this. It’s worth the price.

3. Protini Polyeptide Cream

This cream was a pleasant surprise. At first I was confused what the difference was compared to the Lala Retro Whipped Cream, but found out after some light research on the Drunk Elephant website and testing them out for myself the main difference is the density and thickness of the texture. I would recommend the Lala Retro for drier skin types, and the Protini peptide for combination and/or oily skin – but they can also be mixed together! So whatever tickles your fancy.

The texture was so luscious and smooth, not oily whatsoever. If you are interested in something a little oiler (in all the best ways)…

4. Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil

If you haven’t gotten on the face oil train yet, seriously, where have you been?! Whether you have dry, combination, oily or sensitive, facial oils work for everyone! It’s more a matter of finding specific ingredients that are better suited for each skin type.

The Drunk Elephant marula oil is so, so luxurious feeling on the skin. It glides over and softens everything instantly, without clogging the pores. The oil is light and fast absorbing, but also soothing for sensitive skin. I paired it with the T.L.C Glycolic Night Serum and they worked really well together to calm my acne-ridden face.

So if you’re into facial oils I would highly recommend trying this baby out. You can get the baby sized at Sephora in the checkout aisle, so test it out first before committing to the full sized if you’re hesitant.

That’s my 2 cents (or 4 cents) on the highly instagrammed Drunk Elephant skincare line! Drop a comment below if you want any other details 🙂

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