Now that the days are getting a little longer and the weather’s getting warmer, it’s time for a glow-up to show off that beautiful skin! We’re all about achieving dewy and glowing skin, so what better way to explain than to showcase our favorite products? Here’s what the team’s been enjoying for this month! And if you missed last month’s faves, you can check them out here!

Paula’s Choice RESIST Youth-Extending Daily Hydrating Fluid SPF 50

What is it: An oil-free and weightless liquid sunscreen with broad-spectrum protection

Review: “This sunscreen just became my new favorite SPF to wear every day! Before I tried this SPF, I haven’t been consistent with my skincare routine in a long time. You know, there are days when you just can’t be bothered to put on a full routine every day. And let me TELL you! My skin did not have it! Not only was it looking dull, but it was bumpy, and my pores were enlarged. So when I tried this sunscreen, I was like, “Oh my god! How is it possible?!” My skin became so soft, and my pores looked like they were airbrushed away! I also love how the texture is lightweight, watery, and thin while it sinks into my skin effortlessly without leaving a white cast. And can I mention how this sunscreen is making my skin glowing? I’m in love!”— Tracy, Graphic Designer

Bliss Jelly Glow Peel

What is it: A gentle jelly exfoliator peel that exfoliates with soft plant-based fibers to roll away flaky skin while simultaneously hydrating

Review: “Finally, I found my exfoliating BFF! Every two weeks, or whenever I want to freshen up my skin before I do my makeup, I pull out the Jelly Glow Peel. And it gives me smooth, flake-free, radiant skin – every time! The texture is so gentle and unique on my skin, almost like I can actually feel the dead skin rinsing off my face. Even better, no breakouts! I absolutely love the ingredients: fruit enzymes for a non-irritating cleanse, sodium hyaluronate for hydration. And the fact that it’s formulated with extra brightening Niacinamide puts this product at the very top of my holy grails!” — Isabel, Beauty Editor

I’m From Rice Serum

What is it: A lightweight dual-functioning serum with 73% rice extract that hydrates and brightens skin

Review: “Since the season is changing, I noticed my nose area getting dry these days, so I’ve been looking into adding hydrating products to my routine. Personally, I’m not too fond of thick textured moisturizers, so I had to look for a lightweight product that delivers intense hydration. Well, that search is over! I love how this serum isn’t sticky or greasy but gives me the hydration I need. It absorbs beautifully into my skin and makes it feel soft and nourished – just what I needed! The glowing skin is a bonus!” — Claire, Video Editor

Foreo Luna 3

What is it: A device that cleanses and massages the face

Review: “Never have I ever had my face cleansed so well before in my life! I had very stubborn dry skin flaking around the nose’s outer edges, and I love how the Luna helps cleanse these hard-to-reach areas. I personally don’t use the app it comes with – I need to press the button to start the device and treat my face to a massage while cleansing the day’s grime away. And when I cleanse off and apply my skincare, I feel my skin is ready to drink up all the products I apply after.” — Amber, Video Editor

 Isntree Calendula Poreless Face Fit Mask

What is it: A non-irritating cooling sheet mask that calms inflamed skin

Review: “With sheet masks, I had my fair share of enjoying them for self-care, but I wasn’t really into them as much. But once I discovered this from Isntree, let’s say I fell in love. What’s really amazing about this mask is that this minty and cooling sensation lasts throughout the entire duration and leaves your face feeling fresh afterward. I enjoy chilling my mask in the fridge before putting it on, and I can feel the cooling effects tighten and depuff my face! I almost didn’t want to take off the mask even after twenty minutes! Best of all – it’s fragrance-free, contains a non-irritant derivative of menthol, and leaves my face feeling nourished without the stickiness I’d normally get from a traditional sheet mask!” — Deb, Beauty Editor + Video Editor

Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine

What is it: A rinse-off microfiber pad that physically and chemically exfoliates the face

Review: “I didn’t have high expectations for this product since I’m used to using serums for my exfoliating steps. But now that I tried it out, I’m impressed! I love how gentle the formulation is, how fun the application process is (it’s kind of like mixing self-care into skincare!), and how the pads smell like grape juice, which I really enjoy! Best of all, my skin feels sooo smooth by the next day that I’m actually surprised at how quickly I saw results! The glowy skin is AH-MAZING! Now I want to try the other pads too, especially the green tea.” — Jane, Video Editor

Paula’s Choice C15 Super Booster

What is it: Concentrated booster with 15% Pure Vitamin C to brighten hyperpigmentation & uneven skin tone

Review: “Since this is a concentrated booster, I was worried my skin wouldn’t react well to it. Prior to this, I haven’t had much experience with using vitamin C serums so I was pleasantly surprised to see it going well so far. Given that I’ve tried other serums in the past, I can say this one from Paula’s Choice is my go-to. I love how lightweight it is without making me feel like I’m putting too much on my face. I personally like to add a couple of drops after my toner step or by itself to keep my skin feeling nice and nourished. Highly recommend it for glowing skin!” — Lucy, Motion Graphics Animator

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