Is the 10-Step Skincare Routine Still Relevant in 2023?
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A 10-step skincare routine is nothing new, especially since it brought K-beauty to trend overseas! From cleansers to creams and face oils, most may think that having a 10-step skincare routine is too much for our faces. But the truth is, you’re already probably using a 10-step routine without realizing it (I’m looking at you, skincare cabinet)! Instead of considering it an outdated trend for 2023, you can view this routine as a way to further personalize depending on what your skin craves!

The Facts About 10-Step Skincare Routines:

  • Having a 10-step skincare routine doesn’t mean you need to follow every step morning and night. It’s just that you might be using specific steps in the morning that you don’t for the night routine, and vice versa!
  • Although all ten steps don’t guarantee fantastic skin, the act of layering helps nourish the skin alongside steps that address specific skincare concerns and prevent premature aging.
  • The focus isn’t on using as many products as possible. It’s about using the right product at the right step to make the most out of your routine.
  • You can make multiple smaller routines from one ten-step routine. Are you traveling and want to pack a minimal skincare routine? You can do so by bringing three of the ten steps! When you have multiple skincare products, you can mix and match them to create the best-customized routine for your skin.

Why It Works:

A 10-step skincare routine can play well in your favor if you’re an experienced skincare user. When you understand your skin concerns and how different skincare combinations work, this routine can help you select the right products to tailor to your needs. This routine can also be a great way to ensure healthy skin because most of the products within the ten-step may target nourishing and hydrating the skin. Not to mention the therapeutic effects of giving yourself time for self-care!

Why It Might Not Work:

Since this routine consists of at least ten different products, your wallets can take a heavy hit from the investment. It’s also not feasible for anyone new to skincare to invest this much, especially if you’re learning to read and understand your skin. By prematurely investing over $100+ in skincare products, you can also risk irritating or damaging your skin, especially if you’re unsure how to layer on your routine! If you’re beginning a skincare routine, we highly recommend starting with the three skincare basics: a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Save your money and your skin!

What a 10-Step Skincare Routine Looks like:

Oil Cleanser (Perfect for makeup users):

If you’re a frequent makeup user, you’ll know how important it is to thoroughly remove your makeup before starting any skincare routine. But instead of makeup wipes, oil cleansing is the optimal choice for removing all traces of makeup and sunscreen from your skin. For best results, make sure you use your oil cleanser directly onto dry skin!

Water-Based Cleansers:

After washing away the oil cleanser, you can follow up with a gentle cleansing gel or foam based cleanser to remove any remaining dirt or water based impurities like sweat! When using a water-based cleanser, lather the product between your hands and massage onto your skin for a minute!


There are two types of exfoliators: chemical and physical exfoliators. Chemical exfoliators comprise fruit-based acids that help smooth away textured skin, dry patches, dullness, and clogged pores. Physical exfoliators can also help slough away dead skin cells but may require gentle pressure to avoid damaging the skin.

Chemical exfoliators:

Physical exfoliators:

Sheet Mask:

Sheet masks contain beneficial vitamins and minerals that can add hydration and moisture to the skin. The sheet material help your face fully absorb the mask’s essence and promotes a relaxing experience.


A toner is a mild and gentle water-based product that significantly hydrates and helps balance your skin’s pH. You can use a cotton pad to swipe the effect on your face or use your hands to pat it in gently.


Unique in Korean skincare regimens, the essence is a lightweight product that helps leave the skin plump and dewy. Essences usually contain concentrated blends of hydrating and anti-aging ingredients to provide nourishment.


Serums are go-tos for addressing specific skin concerns such as dark spots, dullness, and fine lines. Serums and ampoules may run small for their price, but their potent concentration of ingredients can ensure visibly glowing and hydrated skin.

Eye Cream:

Eye creams provide moisture to the eye area to deeply nourish. Some will say eye creams are unnecessary, but they can be beneficial depending on the ingredients and formulation. If you also have specific concerns such as dark circles, puffiness, or fine lines, eye creams can be effective, gentle, and non-irritating!


A moisturizer is a must to seal in all the hydration layered prior. A moisturizer plumps the skin, smooths fine lines and helps to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day and night. Depending on your skin type, you can use a lotion, gel, cream, or even a sleeping mask!

Sunscreen (for the AM):

No matter the weather and season, even indoors, you should always wear sunscreen in your morning routine. Ideally, it’s best to reapply your SPF every two hours to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays. This step is the easiest way to prevent premature aging!

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