May Beauty Finds for Skincare, Body Care & Haircare
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Nothing says new beginnings more like May, and we agree it’s the perfect time for trying new things!  Fortunately, the beauty industry doesn’t run short of new additions for skincare, body care, and hair care, so if you’re up for a bit of experimenting, here are some exciting May beauty finds worth looking into!


Whind Sahara Sunrise Brightening Overnight Eye Mask

Whind Sahara Sunrise Brightening Overnight Eye Mask

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Leave it to Whind to surprise you with new products! This overnight eye mask boasts a luxurious cream to cooling gel formula that instantly works to brighten and hydrate dull and tired eyes. Those on the fence about investing in eye creams will quickly find how darn good this eye mask is! Thanks to caffeine, reishi mushroom, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide, you’ll find your eyes looking refreshed, plump, and ready to tackle the day!

Supergoop! Lipscreen Sheer SPF30

Supergoop! Lipscreen Sheer SPF 30

Sunscreen’s not just for your face and body; it’s also for your lips! In Supergoop’s latest innovative products, they just turned the Unseen Sunscreen into a daily sheer lip balm! The balm is ultra-lightweight, transparent, and delivers a naturally moisturized finish due to the potent antioxidant ingredient Acai fruit oil and Coiza flower extract. Now you can give your sensitive lips lots of love!

Whind Kasbah Stars Radiance Renewing Night Serum

Whind Kasbah Stars Radiance Renewing Night Serum

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Chemical exfoliants are great, but it’s different when they cause stinging and leave your skin feeling uncomfortable. Fortunately, this night serum contains just the right amount of exfoliants for sensitive skin to reap the benefits! This milky serum uses a blend of PHAs, AHAs, BHAs, and aloe vera, to hydrate skin, minimize irritation, and protect the skin barrier! This will have you wake up looking glowing and as bright as the stars in the sky! Let’s also not forget the soothing scent of lavender to help you ease into slumber after your routine!

I’m From Beet Line

It’s been a while since I’m From came out with another line to join the ranks of their other best-selling rice, mugwort, and honey lines! This time, I’m From brings the antioxidant-rich Damyang organic red beet to the spotlight! Following the launch of a purifying clay mask, toner pads, and an ampoule, you’ll soon find out how beets can promote brighter skin, clarified pores, smoother texture, and boosted hydration levels – without staining your skin!

Zitsticka Goo Getter Hydrocolloid Zit Patch

Zitsticka Goo Getter Patch

It’s always fascinating seeing different takes on hydrocolloid patches, and this newcomer from Zitsticka is no exception! These hydrocolloid patches target shallow on-the-surface pimples and work quickly to draw out the gunk and visibly shrink its appearance. You’ll also be happy to know that tea tree, niacinamide, salicylic acid, and vitamin C are infused into the patch to give your skin a helping hand in healing without leaving scabs or discolored marks.

Tower 28 Beauty SOS Intensive Redness Relief Serum

Tower 28 Beauty SOS Intensive Redness Relief Serum

Hypochlorous Acid, say what? As it turns out, this is an up-and-coming ingredient that could benefit red, irritated, and inflamed skin! This lightweight and pH-balancing serum uses stabilized hypochlorous Acid to instantly calm and soothe, reduce redness, and restore angry skin to health. And a quick FYI: this serum doesn’t have the most pleasant scent, but according to reviews, it works wonders for blemishes and sensitive skin!

Fenty Skin Cookies N Clean Whipped Clay Detox Face Mask

Fenty Skin Cookies N Clean

This Fenty Skin newcomer is a whole snack in a tub (it doesn’t help that it’s named ‘Cookies N Clean’) and a delight for the skin. With light as air whipped texture, this non-drying clay mask uses salicylic acid, kaolin clay “cream,” and encapsulated charcoal “cookie” speckles to purify clogged pores and even out dullness and rough texture in fifteen minutes. Best of all, it’s fragrance-free so that all skin types can benefit!

Innisfree Retinol Cica Moisture Line

For fighting post-acne marks, evening out skin tone, and calming down sensitive skin, Innisfree’s new line can do it all! The Cica Repair Ampoule and the Cica Focusing micro dart patches are easy to incorporate into your routine to provide intensive care to all the areas of concern. Using retinol, Centella Asiatica and its derivative compounds, and Jeju green bean hyaluronic acid, your skin can finally breathe a sigh of relief and return to its healthy self again! And for the micro darts, can we say how cute the clover shaped patches are?

Hero Cosmetics Gentle Milky Cleanser

Hero Cosmetics Gentle Milky Cleanser

Dry skin types are not the only ones that can benefit from gentle cleansers! This milky cleanser is perfect for cleansing away the day’s impurities and grime for sensitive and blemish-prone skin! Not only is the texture a dreamy and feather-like milky cream, but it uses PHA, colloidal oatmeal, jojoba, and ceramides to leave skin hydrated, nourished, and perfectly calm!

Medicube Age-R Line

When it comes to innovative skin care tools, Medicube doesn’t disappoint! Following the success of the Age-R device, the brand just came out with two more devices to encourage healthy and youthful-looking skin without the need to shell out thousands of dollars. The Age-R ATS Air Shot is a needle-free and contact-less dermapen that uses electricity to stimulate collagen production, reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, and even out textured skin. As for the Age-R Ussera Deep Shot, this device uses ultrasound therapy to target and stimulate collagen fibers within the skin to restore fine lines and wrinkles. We don’t know about you, but we’re convinced!


107 Beauty Scalp Purifying Microbiome Shampoo

107 Beauty Scalp Purifying Microbiome Shampoo

We know how probiotics can benefit our skin, so why shouldn’t our scalp get some love? This scalp shampoo from 107 Beauty is something we didn’t expect the brand to come out with, but now we know we need it! With all products from 107 Beauty, this detox shampoo uses its signature 7-year aged vinegar to help replenish the scalp with beneficial probiotic and prebiotic bacteria, remove buildup, and nourish for a healthy scalp and shiny hair!

The Ordinary Sulphate 4% Shampoo Cleanser for Body & Hair

The Ordinary Sulphate 4% Cleanser for Body and Hair

This is definitely not like your conventional shampoos because you can get a deep cleanse for your hair and body! The Ordinary’s latest addition is a gel-liquid type shampoo that can wash away scalp buildup and excess oils and relieve dry and flaky scalp. And if that’s not convincing for you, this shampoo’s also safe for all hair types, is color-safe, contains minimal ingredients, affordable, and is fragrance-free.

Amika Dream Routine Overnight Hydrating Hair Mask

Amika Dream Routine Overnight Hydration Treatment

Hair masking is excellent, but if you find the process time-consuming (since most require washing the product out post-shower), you won’t likely apply it often. Fortunately, this hair mask is a leave-on treatment that can work its magic as you get some shuteye! For treating dry and wilted-looking strands, this product uses hyaluronic acid, bio-fermented coconut water, and polyglutamic acid to hold onto moisture without weighing your hair down. And in case you’re wondering, this product won’t stain your pillow!


Beekman 1802 Sunshine Body Scrub 7.5% PHA Body Exfoliator

Beekman 1802 Sunshine Body Scrub 7.5% PHA Body Exfoliator

We can finally say goodbye to bumpy skin and feel good in our skin with Beekman 1802’s new body scrub! This is specially formulated to help diminish the appearance of bumps and keratosis pilaris, but all skin types can benefit from a good exfoliation! This sunshine yellow scrub uses pumice. PHAs and golden beetroot extract give your skin a gentle buffing, while goat milk prebiotic and postbiotic milk extracts leave your skin feeling silky smooth and nourished hours later!

Fresh Milk Body Line

Fresh is best known for its skincare lines, but this new body care line is quickly gaining attention! The Milk line brings a nod to the glass milk bottles used in the 1900s, but the line’s formulation (which includes plant-based milks made with centella, rice, and linseed milks) reminds us how far skincare has come. The Fresh Milk Body line consists of a body cleanser, intensive hand cream, and body lotion – each with its nourishing consistencies – to keep your body and hands soft, supple, and comforted throughout the day. Your skin will feel like you just stepped out of a milk bath!

Biossance Squalane + Enzyme Sugar Body Scrub

Biossance Squalane + Enzyme Sugar Body Scrub

Give your skin the ultimate body-care pamper session with double exfoliation! This multi-exfoliator is a two-in-one physical sugar and enzyme body scrub that helps buff away rough and bumpy texture to leave behind soft and hydrated skin! Besides the delicate sugar crystals that melt as you massage it, this scrub also uses pomegranate enzymes to act as gentle exfoliants and remove dead skin cells. Couple this with Biossance’s signature sugarcane-derived squalane, and you’ve got healthy skin that glows from the inside out!

Kate McLeod Daily Stone Solid Body Moisturizer

Kate Mcleod Daily Stone Body Moisturizer

What happens when a pastry chef has trouble with her dry skin? She figures out a way to create an innovative body lotion! Kate McLeod is an up-and-coming body care brand that we can’t get enough of! Her line of solid body moisturizers blends self-care and body care seamlessly into one stone; by combining skin-nourishing oils, 80% cocoa butter, and pure essential oils, you’ll feel uplifted, smoothed, and calm. It’s absolutely genius!

Dr. Ceuracle Kombucha Coffee Scrub

Dr Ceuracle Vegan Kombucha Coffee Bean Body Scrub

Wake up to the smell of coffee right from your shower! The vegan body scrub may seem like another exfoliating take but you’ll be surprised at how smooth and hydrated your skin will be! Made with up-cycled coffee grounds, kombucha extract, sunflower seed oil, and hyaluronic acid, this body scrub and wash acts as a three-in-one product that exfoliates, removes sebum and impurities away from your body without leaving residue. 

VENN Probiotic-Tensive Hydra Firming Body Cream

Venn Probiotic-Tensive Hydro Firming Body Cream

For a body care product that firms and leaves skin looking smooth and youthful, this body cream checks all the boxes! This newcomer from Venn Skincare is an intensely hydrating cream supercharged with the brand’s proprietary blend of fermented ingredients, including pre, pro, and post-biotic ferments and fermented root extracts. It’s also one of the few products in the line formulated with Venn’s multi-layer delivery technology to help active ingredients reach the deeper layers of your skin and strengthen the moisture barrier. But if all that scientific jargon is too much for you to wrap your head around, it’s a tremendous nourishing body cream perfect for all skin types and ages! 

Huxley Body Scrub Moroccan Gardener

Huxley Secret of Sahara Body Scrub Moroccan Gardener

If you can’t get enough of Huxley’s Moroccan Gardener line, we foresee a body scrub in the near future! This new addition is a perlite mineral body scrub that removes impurities and gently buffs away rough and bumpy texture. All the while, Huxley’s signature prickly pear ceramides, seed oil, and water help replenish moisture and protect the skin barrier so your skin will emerge clean, soft, and glowing! But the most impressive feature is how this body scrub is so gentle that you can reach for it right after shaving! At the moment, this body scrub just got released in South Korea so you’ll have to hang tight until you see them pop up here in the U.S.!

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