Fun & Unique Gift Ideas For Father's Day 2022
Featured Image by Felicia Lee

Dads need love too! Since Father’s Day is approaching very soon, we want to share some unique gift ideas to show appreciation for your dad, father figure, or boyfriend! From skincare to sleek wallets, electronics, and wacky T-shirts, you’ll notice that there’s more to gifts than a funny quote on a mug! Here’s what we think are cool buys for Father’s Day in 2022!

Skincare Products That’ll Change Up His Routine

SPF He’ll Actually Enjoy Applying

When the Outdoors Call Him

Kits for All His Grooming Needs

Men need Spa Days Too

Hi-Tech Essentials are a Must

Leveling Up His Work/ Office Life

Home Gym Needs? No Problem!

The Mirror

The Mirror ($1295 – Save $450 with Code FATHERSDAY22)

For the Man Who Flexes His Credit Cards

Cool-Down & Recovery Any Time

Clothing & Accessories He’ll Love

Showing Off His Cup Collection

Dad Joke Shirts to Show the World

Wacky Items That’ll Satisfy Every (Minor) Need

Head Spa, Hair Styles, & Hair Loss

Fueling with a Cup of Joe

Must-Haves For the Kitchen

Easing into Snoozes

Outdoor Get togethers

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