The most important rule to any teenage skincare routine is mastering the basics. I’m talking about your cleansers, moisturizers, and, most importantly, SPF. By focusing on those three steps, you’re allowing yourself time to understand your skin and what works well for you.

Once you’ve got that down pat, what’s next? Fear not! Here is the ultimate guide to building a routine for teen skin while adding some K-beauty bling!

Read Your Skin Like a Book

Figuring out what your skin wants and needs is super confusing, especially when you’re a teen. You think you know it through and through, but then all of a sudden you’re hit with all of these issues and concerns. That’s why we suggest you take the time to “read your skin.”

Before you even look at any of the products, go in front of the mirror. Spend a few minutes just to observe everything on your face – the flakes, the blemishes, everything! ‘Reading your skin’ is all about forming that connection and really listening to what it’s trying to tell us. The more you know, the easier it will be to build the most effective regimen.

Search for the Right Ingredients

When choosing products, don’t just pick the ones with fancy or fun packaging. Look at the ingredients to see if they’re gentle enough or suitable for your specific skin type.

K-beauty brands love to incorporate calming and soothing ingredients into their products, such as green tea, ginseng, centella asiatica, and more! Since teen skincare has to do with setting up that foundation, they should focus more on these types of ingredients. They’re perfect for combatting acne, dehydration, and any sort of inflammation.

Tier 1: Basics

Stay simple! When starting out, it’s important to center around the essentials and only what’s needed. In this case, less is more because your skin is very smart and knows what it needs to do. It’s already composed of a bunch of substances [i.e., vitamins and lipids] that keep your skin happy and healthy. So, search for products that complement this natural process.

Skincare include: cleansers + moisturizers + SPF

Tier 2: Add-Ons

Time to move forward! Once you’re familiar with the first tier, you can continue to build on top of the basics by adding additional items. These products are not necessary in a teenage skincare routine, but they can do wonders by giving a little boost. They make for a great entry level into actives and brightening ingredients.

Skincare include: toners + essences + serums

Tier 3: Extras

Ready for more fun? At the top of the pyramid, we have all of these products that we definitely don’t need. BUT they come in handy when our skin is desperate for some T.L.C or pampering! We recommend you put these aside until you’ve mastered the other foundational levels. As they say, you should “walk before you run.”

Skincare include: exfoliating agents + gadgets + masks / at-home peels + retinol

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