New year, new skin! You got that right – 2020 is officially over (what a rollercoaster, indeed)! We desperately need a mini breather and, while we’re at it, a massive reset button. Tough times aren’t over yet, but we’re not letting that stop us from finding even better ways to keep our bodies and skin a-glowin’. Let’s jump into the new year with six of the hottest 2021 skincare trends that will definitely stick around. From skinimalism to sleep-care, these are what top companies are doing and, more importantly, what you can do to let your skin shine.

1. Maskne Treatments

Have you ever taken off your face mask, only to witness irritation or a cluster of breakouts where it covered your face? Well, that, my friends, is the common case of ‘maskne‘, aka ‘acne mechanica.’ When you breathe into your mask, you’re essentially creating the perfect moist environment on your skin for these acne-causing bacteria to thrive. Plus, your pores can get clogged along the way. Friction is also a factor, which can lead to micro-tears and a compromised barrier. Yeah, not fun.

Even though 2020 is no more, the struggle is still real. That’s why you’re going to find plenty of skincare products and technology dedicated to combatting this skin nemesis, with a rise in spot treatments and chemical exfoliants. There will be a significant focus on gentle, soothing, and microbiome-supporting ingredients. And if we’re talking mask innovation, you can even purchase antimicrobial/antibacterial ones with infused copper or zinc oxide to help on the go.

2. Hyper-personalized Skincare

Skincare is getting more and more advanced every year. AI technology and algorithms hand you a personalized/tailored routine that will cater to your skin specifically. We are quickly embracing the idea of unique, individualized skin and removing the ‘one-size-fits-most’ motto for good. 

This year, we will see companies and brands take this idea one step further by analyzing your genetic makeup. By exchanging data samples, like saliva and hair strands, you can expect to receive customized products that are even more effective. Sounds straight out of a Black Mirror episode, am I right?

3. Skinimalism & Skin-Essentialism

Starting this year, people are sticking with the minimalistic approach to skincare. In other words, you’re applying less and achieving similar, if not the same, results. When we say, ‘skip-care,’ it’s not just lessening your steps but also learning more about what your skin truly needs and wants. Not everyone is going to benefit from the same amount or type of products. You do you!

Diving deeper, ‘skinimalism’ is also about letting your natural, bare skin shine through. No more heavy makeup and full-coverage foundation! It’s the idea of bringing out and normalizing features on your skin that should not be shamed. Let the whole world see you in all your freckled, textured face glory!

4. Slow Beauty

For this next trend, 2021 skincare is slowing things down. By practicing ‘slow beauty,’ you’re mindful of what’s essential and what’s important to you, physically, spiritually, and mentally. Take some time – in an otherwise fast-paced, distracting environment – to indulge in self-care and prioritize your well-being.

Slow beauty also ties into ‘clean beauty’ and being conscious of what you’re buying and putting on your skin. Opt for a simple routine with fewer, better skincare to decrease waste. Try searching for brands with sustainable packaging and ethical, natural ingredients. Remember, it’s not about cluttering your bathroom cabinets with every product you find on the market.

5. Sleep-Care Is Self-Care

Plenty of you, including me, are struggling with sleep. But how are we supposed to achieve clear, *bing bing* skin if we can’t catch those z’s? We know sleep is essential for strengthening our health and immune system, but it also works wonders to rejuvenate and help skin repair. If you don’t give it enough time, you might wake up with dark circles, swollen eyes, dehydrated skin, etc. In short, get your beauty sleep!

Tips to help include going to bed at a specific time every night and shutting off electronics before sleep to avoid affecting the skin’s circadian rhythm. With that in mind, sleep trackers and carefully formulated overnight skincare are becoming more and more popular and will continue that way even beyond 2021.

6. Hair & Scalp Care

Say it with me, “Scalp care is skin care!” That’s right! This area on top of our head deserves as much love and care as the rest of our body. And so do the strands we call hair. This was a popular trend in South Korea that we’re beginning to see more of in the states.

As we move on with the year, look out for brands that feature nourishing, soothing, and repairing ingredients. Don’t just expect the usual with the shampoos, conditioners, and masks. Soon your collection will extend to brushes, combs, and hand-held objects – anything to give you that perfect scalp massage.

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