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Back-to-school season is here! Even though most of our team members are no longer in school, each of us still curated our faves to get you back on the academic grind. Hope you enjoy it and all the best for the new school year!

1 Kokuyo Pasta Soft Graphic Marker

Kokuyo Pasta Soft Marker

What is it: A water-based, solid graphic marker with a variety of vivid colors

Review: “When I first saw this marker online, I was like, “Ok, it’s a square marker, cool.” But when I clicked into it, I was like, “Wow, the texture is like a crayon?! Soooo cool!” So I had to order this, and when it arrived, I was surprised by how outstanding the quality is. Even though it looks like a crayon, it’s a water-based marker that glides smoothly and won’t make you feel messy when you draw. Another thing I’m obsessed with is the color. Not all markers have the same color saturation, so if I use an overly saturated colored marker in my journal, it’s really hard for me to match it, and it makes me anxious if it doesn’t match. Not only can this be used as a drawing material but also as a line marker. And I enjoy journaling with this so much!” — Tracy, Graphic Designer

2360 Degrees Rotating Makeup Organizer

360 Rotating Makeup Organizer

What is it: Rotating organizer with multiple compartments to store makeup, skincare, and other objects

Review: “During a recent room tidying session, I realized how much space my skincare products were taking up on my desk (comes with the job!). Usually, I would use open desk storage bins to store my products, but I wanted to find something that would free up some space. After doing a bit of research on Amazon, I found this affordable rotating makeup organizer under $20, and I was amazed at how many products this small shelf can hold! I also love how you can adjust the size of the compartments based on the size of your products. Now everything is accessible and within reach! I can imagine that you can use this as a bathroom or vanity storage solution as well. The possibilities are endless!” — Deb, Beauty Editor

3Gel Ink Cap Type Ballpoint Pen 0.38mm 

Gel Ink Cap Type Ballpoint Pen 0.38mm 

What is it: A set of colorful extra-fine ballpoint pens

Review: “Who can say no to having more pens! I love this set because it gives me options to choose the color I want to use, and it makes my notebook more alive when I write on them. Also, I will never have to be worried about my friends accidentally stealing my pen from me because now I have a lot to share with them. Colorful pens bring us to a colorful world.” — Amber, Video Editor

4Sunshower Hand-Poured Candle (Travel-Sized)

Sunshower Hand-Poured Candle

What is it: A 3-oz wood wick vegan soy-based wax candle

Review:  “Nothing is more comforting than the sound of crackling wood, and you don’t need a fireplace to enjoy that when you have a wood-wick candle. This compact 3-oz candle is convenient to take with you anywhere, and the lid prevents lint from sticking to your candle. Not to mention it smells so calming, like a refreshing Summer day.” — Kai, Operations Manager

5Whamisa Organic Flowers Lip Moisture

Whamisa Organic Flowers Lip Moisture

What is it: A nourishing, tinted lip balm made of 98% organic ingredients

Review: “If I can only take one skincare product with me, it would have to be a lip balm. If you are also like me, whose lips are in need of constant attention, this one from Whamisa is my latest, favorite find. Not only does it have a natural tint, but it’s also vegan, all-natural, and made with a natural fermentation process. While most lip balms leave your lips feeling oily and greasy, Whamisa does a great job at hydrating with a matte and non-sticky finish. So try it out and let us know if it’s a yay or nay! :)” — Pooja, Beauty Editor

6Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Electric Gooseneck Kettle

What is it: Electric kettle with gooseneck spout to allow more control in pouring and preventing drip-back

Review: “I was excited to get one of these gooseneck kettles finally!!! It’s been on my to-buy list for a long time. They’re smaller and more aesthetic than regular kitchen kettles, so it’s perfect for keeping inside the bedroom. Since getting one, I would always look forward to going home after work to make some tea and wind down. The unique temperature display allows you to customize how hot you want to brew your tea or coffee! All in all, now my me-time cannot be without it! If you want to splurge a little and get an even cuter gooseneck kettle with auto shut-off, this $69 one’s for you.” — Lucy, Motion Graphics Animator

7SINNLIG Sweet Vanilla Scented Candle

SINNLIG Scented candle in glass Sweet vanilla

What is it: A cotton-wick candle in a glass jar

Review: “This is my favorite candle of all time because it takes me back to my years as an exchange student in the UK every time I light it. Even though it’s the plain and simple vanilla scent, it gives a warm, cozy and homey feeling that instantly calmed and comforted me when I was missing home as I was sitting in my UK dorm room. The sweet scent reminds me of vanilla ice cream and freshly baked waffles. The moment you open your door, it will feel like mom just baked your favorite pastries and has been waiting for you at home. Perfect for those who are moving away from home for the first time!”  — Jane, Video Editor

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