When the summer heat gets too much and you just don’t want to be human… we feel you! Since summer can easily lead to dehydrated and inflamed skin, this month’s Beauty Within team faves will be about hydrating your skin and body! Here are our top 7 hydrating skincare and self-care items for cooling down – internally and externally! 

1Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask

What is it: A hydrating and cloud-like mask that leaves skin super-smooth and dewy

Review: “On the topic of ‘hydrating’ and ‘cooling.’ I can’t help but think about this product. I love this mask because it brightens and calms my skin while reducing redness. It makes my skin feel more firm, soft, and hydrated, while the mask itself feels luxurious and cooling without overpowering – what a treat! Can I also mention how interesting the texture is? It’s whipped and spreads so easily over my skin that I’m in love with how it feels! Everything about this mask is perfect and well deserves its price!” — Tracy, Graphic Designer

2Haruharu Wonder Black Rice Toner (Fragrance-Free)

What is it: A lightweight and ultra-hydrating toner that brightens and nourishes skin with much-needed moisture

Review: “I usually purchase anything Felicia recommends in the Beauty Within videos since my skin type and conditions are the same as hers. So when I saw her rave about the Haruharu toner, I knew I had to get my hands on it. My first impression? I love how hydrating the toner is and how it absorbs so quickly into my skin. My only complaint was the lavender scent, which I found to be overwhelming, I normally don’t mind fragrance but I just can’t stand the scent of lavender. The good news is that Haruharu finally came out with a fragrance-free version, so I went ahead and ordered it as soon as I heard the news. I enjoy using this toner along with my Peter Thomas Roth Cloud Water Cream.” — Claire, Video Editor

3SOULCHEF 2 PACK Silicone Ice Cube Tray

What is it: A multifunctional and stackable silicone ice cube tray that comes with a lid

Review: “The moment I discovered this on Amazon, I knew I had to get it! Since it’s getting hotter, I find myself reaching for the ice cube tray for my drinks. Besides having to wait a while for the ice cubes to freeze up, there are also times when they happen to absorb the freezer smell and taste, and who wants that in their drinks? That’s why I fell in love with this ice cube tray at first sight. Not only is it made of silicone to make it easier to remove ice cubes without breaking the tray, but it also comes with a lid AND is stackable! If you want to make a simple iced coffee, you can make coffee ice cubes and dunk it in a cup of milk! You can even make one-bite watermelon popsicles or chocolate – the possibilities are endless! I love the pastel colors of the trays, and it reminds me of an adorable lunch box! Best of all, no freezer taste! And who can say no to that?” — Amber, Video Editor

4Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel

What is it: A cult-favorite multipurpose gel with 92% aloe to cool, soothe, and moisturize the face, body, and hair

Review: “I knew this gel is one of Nature Republic’s best-selling products, but I didn’t take the plunge until I watched a video on reducing the appearance of enlarged pores by cooling the skin. Fast forward to months later, I brought out the gel again after I ran out of conducting serum for my FOREO Bear, and wow! I love how cooling makes my face feel (especially when I take it out from the fridge) and makes it look like a depuffed glazed donut after my skin massaging sesh. I still need to apply moisturizer over my face for hydrating, but aside from that and looking for more ways to use this huge tub, it’s been going very well so far to help cool down and soothe inflamed skin!” — Deb, Beauty Editor + Video Editor

5I’m From Pear Serum

What is it: A hydrating serum that contains vegetable-derived hyaluronic acid and pear extract to build a moisturized skin barrier

Review: “I love that this serum feels super lightweight, is easy to apply and absorbs instantly into my skin. Since it’s hotter now, this is perfect for warm weather, and I especially like to layer it before my thicker moisturizer for my nighttime routine for an extra boost of hydration.” — Lucy, Motion Graphics Animator

6April Skin Artemisia Rice Toner

What is it: Hydrating and calming toner that uses 80% mugwort water, rice bran water, and 4 types of hyaluronic acids

Review: “Mugwort and rice! These are two of my favorite Hanbang (Traditional Korean medicine) ingredients to help calm and soothe my skin! Actually, this combination reminds me of a traditional dessert I had in Taiwan – it sounds delicious! I love how this toner has a lightweight and watery consistency that absorbs into the skin quickly without tackiness. I personally like using this with a moisturizer to help hydrate and balance my normal to oily skin in the summer.”  — Jane, Video Editor

7Art of Tea Green Pomegranate Tea Eco Teabag Sachets

What is it: An aromatic and fruity green tea infused with pomegranate and raspberry flavors

Review:  “Stay calm and drink tea! It’s been quite hot these past few days, so I’ve been enjoying this tea to cool me down! I steep some tea in a teapot in the morning while I fill a separate pitcher with ice cubes. Once the tea steeps, I pour it into the pitcher and keep it in the fridge to chill. I love how refreshing the tea tastes and helps as a pick-me-up throughout the day! You can use your tea of choice but I recommend using two tea bags of this green pomegranate tea for a fruity and fresh green tea experience!” — Kai, BW Operations Manager

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