Top Skincare Trends in 2023 You'll See Everywhere
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Every year, we see so many skincare trends come and go. Especially with the rise of TikTok and short-form media, many skincare trends left a huge impression on us in 2022. For example, a few trends we saw last year include slugging, using snail mucin, and following a skin cycling routine! So what should we expect in the new year? Here are a few of my predictions for skincare trends in 2023.

Dermatologist Formulas In A Bottle

2022 has been a year full of celebrity skincare lines. But sometimes, it feels a bit too much! Skincare enthusiasts may feel that celebrity skincare lines are more of a cash grab than a passion project. But, thanks to social media, we have seen many dermatologists become popular. They can create their own successful and effective skincare lines with their rise to fame. For example, dermatologists like Dr. Bowe became famous for sharing the skin cycling method. This year, she created science-backed skincare products that make it easier for users to follow a skin cycling routine. Another great example of a well-loved dermatologist is Shereene Idriss. She shares with her audience skincare advice and products that help elevate our routine! Dermatologists and skincare professionals tend to receive more credit and love because of their experience and knowledge in skincare. In 2023, we can expect to see more dermatologists making beautiful products!

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It’s All About Hydration

Over the past few years, we have seen an increased love for actives. For example, retinoids and AHA’s/BHA’s! These ingredients are great and are also super effective. However, as consumers, we are slowly learning that protecting our skin barrier is the most important rule when doing our skincare. It’s important to balance actives with soothing ingredients to fortify and create a healthier skin barrier! Over-exfoliating can cause more damage to our skin. So, products for barrier repair are lovely to keep our skin looking dewy and healthy. Although using actives can help target specific skincare concerns, focusing on hydration will help to achieve healthier-looking skin. With more interest in soothing and hydrating ingredients, it opens up room for those who have sensitive skin to finally enjoy all of the new calming ingredients and formulations to come. In 2023, we expect to see more brands producing products containing ceramides, panthenol, and other nourishing ingredients.

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At-Home Tools

As at-home LED, skin, and cleanser devices become more accessible, effective, and safe, it’s no surprise to see tools continue to trend for 2023! And most of the time, these at-home tools help heal our skin and achieve long-term results. For example, in 2022, there was an increase in the popularity of microcurrent devices. But, in general, many companies have developed tools to help provide spa-like results without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. Also, it’s good to note that consumers can now safely use these at-home tools in the comfort of their own homes due to their accessibility and availability. We hope to see more variety in tools and devices in the new year! Fingers crossed that the items are also priced reasonably!

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Inner Health Focus

As self-care became extremely popular during the pandemic, we can see a continuous rise in the focus on building a healthier inner self. Personal care and inner well-being include a variety of categories, such as meditation exercises and keeping our gut microbiome healthy. In 2023, we will likely see more supplements and regimes to keep our minds, body, and health in the best state possible.

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Hanbang Ingredients

Hanbang stands for traditional Korean holistic medicine. Herbal ingredients include ginseng root, sacred lotus, and many more! These natural plant extracts are great for hydrating and soothing the skin, especially for those who struggle with acne! You can think of hanbang ingredients as super concentrated and fermented, perfect for creating a healthy skin barrier. Although these traditional herbal ingredients have been around for hundreds of years, they are now becoming more prevalent in our skincare. Next year, we expect to see more brands incorporating herbal ingredients into their products!

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