5 Simple Tips for Reducing Hair Loss At Home
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Did you know your daily habits can impact scalp hair and hair loss? Luckily there are simple methods for reducing hair loss at home that you can try to help with the excessive shedding. While these tips may not eliminate hair loss at its root, you can still help slow shedding and maintain a healthy scalp. 

Tip #1: Skip Dry Shampoo (or Use Sparingly) for Reducing Hair Loss

As much as we love to turn to our dry shampoos to help us with our in-between wash days or during times when we’re in a pinch, they can be a sneaky culprit that can contribute to hair loss, especially if you find yourself reaching for them at every opportunity.

Is dry shampoo safe to use?

When used in moderation, dry shampoos can work wonders for giving your lifeless and greasy hair a quick refresh. This is because dry shampoos contain fine microscopic particles of active ingredients that help to absorb sweat and sebum from your hair. 

What happens when I use dry shampoos frequently? 

Normally, there isn’t an issue if you’re using dry shampoos on occasion. But if you’re overusing dry shampoos, these fine particles can trap dead skin cells, sebum, and bacteria and clog your hair follicles over time. Not to mention, the scalp buildup is difficult to wash! With prolonged usage, you can expect to see inflammation surrounding your hair follicles, which can eventually contribute to hair loss. 

Dry Shampoo Alternatives for Reducing Hair Loss

Tip #2: Double Cleanse Your Scalp

If you’re a skincare enthusiast, you know the importance of double cleansing before starting your skincare routine. Fortunately, you can take the same idea for your scalp. 

When double cleansing your hair properly, you can extend the days in between washes while still feeling fresh. 

How do you double cleanse your scalp? 

For the first wash, you’ll be dissolving any remaining product buildup or residue, excess sebum, dust, and bacteria collected from the day. 

Then the second wash is for helping your shampoo to really work its cleansing magic to your scalp by removing the dead skin buildup that could still be clinging onto the hair follicles and cause the inflammation. 

Scalp Products for Reducing Hair Loss

You can also consider using a scalp scaler or scalp shampoo infused with nourishing and exfoliating ingredients to help give your scalp a deeper clean. You can even use a silicone hair brush to give yourself a scalp massage and spread the shampoo evenly.

Scalp Scalers & Systems for Reducing Hair Loss

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How can double cleansing help with reducing hair loss?

Since hair loss can become aggravated when the hair follicles are inflamed or clogged up, double cleansing can make sure you’re removing scalp and product buildup. This can in turn, give a helping hand with reducing hair loss.

Tip #3: Hair Drying

If mom told you not to go to bed with a wet head of hair, it’s not as far-fetched as it seems! 

Hair drying may not look like much, but it’s one of the most overlooked steps for maintaining healthy hair. This is because your beautiful strands can be at a weakened state when wet, which can potentially lead to breakage, damage, and inflammation.

When you go to bed with dripping hair, you can risk trapping moisture against your pillow, eventually leading to bacterial or even fungi growth! The same applies to anyone with a scalp condition like dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, or inflammation; you’d want to make sure your roots are completely dry to the touch before you carry on your day or night. 

How should I dry my scalp?

Focus on your roots as you blow dry at medium to low heat at a distance of six inches. This helps minimize the heat from irritating your scalp as the heat helps moisture to evaporate away. You don’t have to worry about drying the ends as long as your scalp is dry to the touch.

Once you believe your hair is slightly damp, you can switch the heat to a cooling shot to end your hair drying session. 

Hair Drying Products for Reducing Hair Loss

Tip #4: Rebalance Your Diet

Besides nourishing your hair from the outside, you can help supply your scalp with needed nutrients through your diet. 

Since hair is made up of a protein known as keratin, you’ll want to make sure you’re eating enough protein to maintain your healthy locks. This includes protein from meat, eggs, and yogurt, but also omega fatty acids from fish, avocados, and nuts. 

Another essential nutrient is biotin (Vitamin B7) which is water-soluble and can play a part in preventing hair loss and thinning. Some biotin rich foods include egg yolks, peanuts, soybeans, liver and other organ meats, and sweet potatoes.

Then there’s other members of the B Vitamin family, including riboflavin (B2), folate, and Vitamin B12 – all of which are found to help when reducing hair loss.

Tip #5: Show your scalp some love

Another part of hair loss includes lack of oxygen due to poor circulation. When there’s insufficient blood flow going through the hair follicles, the essential nutrients and oxygen aren’t able to reach the hair, leading to weakened, brittle, and lifeless looking hair. 

So what’s one way you can help restore that circulation back to your scalp? Give it some love with a gentle, soothing massage. 

You can help increase circulation back to your hair follicles by opening up the blood vessels and stimulating the capillaries. This helps encourage more oxygen and nutrients back to your scalp, which then helps with reducing hair loss.

Not sure how to give yourself a scalp massage? You can check out this article or watch this video:

Tips for massaging your scalp & for reducing hair loss

  • Always use the pads of your fingers (not your nails!) when massaging.
  • Use gentle but firm pressure. You don’t want to tug too hard or feel pain or discomfort throughout the process. 
  • Brush your hair prior to the massage to prevent tangling or snagging
  • Using essential oils? Mix a couple drops to a carrier oil before use. Wash your hair thoroughly after your massage to remove the essential oil.

What are other ways to improve blood circulation on the scalp?

If you find scalp massage more tedious than relaxing, the good news is that you can easily improve blood circulation by brushing your hair in gentle, slow, and long strokes. 

Exercise can also help promote blood circulation to the scalp, while simultaneously preventing stress-related hair loss. Can’t do light jogging? You can try yoga poses like forward fold or downward dog to help move the blood to your scalp. 

Scalp Massage Tools for Reducing Hair Loss

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