5 Sunscreens For Super Sensitive Skin 2022
Featured Image by Angela Zhong

Finding a sunscreen that doesn’t break me out can be difficult for someone with super sensitive skin. No need to worry though, because I’ll share my favorite sunscreens that I constantly use and repurchase – so you won’t have to experiment around! Here are my top 5 sunscreens for super sensitive skin!

1LA ROCHE-POSAY Anthelios 60 Melt-In Sunscreen

Protection Level: SPF 60

Filters: Chemical

This La Roche-Posay sunscreen is one of the most purchased so far! I love that I can easily use this on the face and body since the texture is hydrating and milky. The sunscreen provides broad spectrum protection, is SPF 60, and is water resistant for up to 80 minutes. It’s not too greasy, absorbs quickly, and hydrates the skin well! The size of this sunscreen is quite large, which makes it worth the price.

2ZITSTICKA Megashade Breakout-Proof SPF 50 Serum


Protection Level: SPF 50

Filters: Mineral-Chemical Hybrid

This sun serum is formulated specifically for those with sensitive and breakout-prone skin. The product is extremely lightweight and blends to a sheer finish! I find that the sunscreen does make my skin very glowy, but since it doesn’t leave behind a white cast and doesn’t irritate, I don’t mind it. The green tea extract and ceramides keep the skin hydrated and looking healthy. I love that the brand advertises this product as suncare and skincare. The one downside of this product is the packaging. I would have loved to see it in pump-style packaging because the dropper packaging is inconvenient for getting the last few drops of the product. But aside from this, I’d say this product is worth trying out!

3SAIE Sunvisor Moisturizing Sunscreen

saie sunvisor

Protection Level: SPF 35

Filters: Mineral

Another sunscreen that has skincare benefits is the Sunvisor from SAIE. It’s formulated with encapsulated Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, and Aloe Vera to keep the skin bright and hydrated. I was also surprised that this product has sheer golden pearls mixed in the formulation for an extra glowy finish. I love that this sunscreen doesn’t leave a white cast; instead, it keeps your skin looking dewy and fresh! With the combination of mineral filters and skincare ingredients, this is the perfect SPF for every day!

4KINSHIP Self Reflect Probiotic Moisturizing Sunscreen

kinship self reflect sunscreen

Protection Level: SPF 32

Filters: Mineral

This sunscreen from Kinship is a gentle mineral sunscreen that provides UVA and UVB sun protection. The product contains turmeric and probiotics to help soothe and protect the skin barrier! It does have a nude color when you squeeze out the product, but the product melts beautifully into the skin. The sunscreen is lightweight, non-greasy, and extremely easy to apply! With this sunscreen, you can expect your skin to feel moisturized, dewy, and blurred all day long!


cocokind silk spf

Protection Level: SPF 30

Filters: Mineral-Chemical Hybrid

I was extremely intrigued by this product due to the number of Cocokind community members that tested this product! According to the reviews, it seems that this sunscreen’s been made with extra love and care! This SPF 30 hybrid formula is lightweight, blends into the skin beautifully, and leaves a dewy finish. I love that the product is safe for acne-prone skin! The Silk SPF is formulated with Banana Blossom to keep the skin hydrated and support the skin barrier. If you are looking for an SPF that feels and applies like a lotion, this is perfect!

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