8 Student Skincare Tips for Keeping Flawless Skin
Featured Image by Angela Zhong

When school‘s back in session, everything changes. From early morning commutes, busy schedules, after-school curricula, exams, and homework. How does our skin survive? Here are some student skincare tips to keep your skin in tip-top shape in and out of the classroom.

1. Keep it clean

Amidst a packed schedule, finding time for your skin can be challenging. If you find that you absolutely can’t commit time for skincare, start a small routine of thoroughly washing your face. Aim to give your skin a good 60-second cleanse, especially in the evenings, to take off sweat, dirt, and grime accumulated throughout the day. It might not seem like much, but daily cleansing is a great habit to set!

Another goodie from our list student skincare tips is to keep your pillowcase clean, especially if you’re prone to acne. Ideally, rotate to a clean case every couple of days to prevent breakouts and to clog up your pores. I recommend keeping a few sets on hand, preferably some antimicrobial pillowcases, to help prevent bacteria buildup.

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2. Treat yourself at least once a week

Student life is stressful, so don’t forget to carve out a little “me time” whenever possible! Even if you can’t commit a few hours, you can take a few minutes! Put that textbook away and put your phone on silent mode. Take a moment to wear your favorite sheet mask, have a cup of tea, and have a little meditation session. Your mind and skin will thank you!

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3. Travel sizes? Yes please!

When after-school sports clubs, study groups, and activities make it hard to take care of your skin, our absolute must in the list of student skincare tips is to take your skincare on the go! If you don’t have your favorite skincare goodies on hand, you can build a mini-routine with travel sizes and skincare kits so that you’re always prepared, no matter where you are!

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4. Keep pimple patches on hand

Acne is frustrating enough, but a popped pimple in the middle of class is even worse! If your acne-prone skin is creating all kinds of chaos (and open wounds), having emergency pimple patches is a must for any student. You’ll not only stop your pimple from bleeding but also prevent bacteria from spreading. And if you’re a picker like myself, those seamless patches will prevent any poking and prodding. Win-win!

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5. Apply SPF

With any breakout we encounter, we can help minimize the chance of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, a.k.a. post-acne marks, with sunscreen! Make sunscreen a habit to protect your skin against any potential UV damage, which will help those stubborn acne marks fade without a fuss! So how do you find the perfect sunscreen? Here’s a student skincare tip: look for one with at least SPF30 broad spectrum and a texture you love spreading on!

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6. Get Some Beauty Sleep

While sunscreen keeps stressors at bay during the day, getting a good night’s rest is where the magic happens. We may not see what happens, but our skin is hard at work undergoing recovery mode. Even though a student’s life includes pulling all-nighters, try to get a good night’s sleep. The better we sleep, the better our skin performs, which means glowing skin! And for those tough nights, you can try incorporating melatonin, herbal teas, and aromatherapy to help settle for a restful night’s sleep. You earned it!

7. Stay Consistent

Don’t expect results to happen right away! Just as how a diligent student is a successful one, the same applies to clear skin! Be proactive with your retinoids, acne treatments, and exfoliants to keep the breakouts in check all year long! And if you’re someone who tends to forget, I recommend keeping a skincare journal to stay on top of your regimen.

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Rise and Shine Wellness Journal

Rise and Shine Wellness Journal

8. Love Yourself and Your skin

The key to consistency? Have a regime that makes you happy! A proper skincare routine should be done out of self-love and enjoyed every time. Before you wash your face, you can pause and take a moment to check in with yourself. As you splash away the day’s grime, look into the mirror and be proud of what you’re doing. Not only are you working hard in school, but you’re willing to take time for your self-care. I’d say that’s a commendable feat! If you follow one of the above tips, let it be this one because you are worth it!

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