AXIS-Y's New Line: Our Honest Review of ay&me
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A quick disclaimer: the brand gifted me the ay&me line, and I am under no obligation to write a review. But I decided to go ahead and write one anyway to share the love!

Little About AXIS-Y

AXIS-Y Brand Photo

AXIS-Y is a Korean skincare brand that is community-focused, self-care encouraged, and climate inspired. The brand values natural, skin-loving ingredients and ensures that the products are effective yet considerate to the skin and environment! They recently launched their newest line, ay&me, so read on to learn more about the brand and its newest launch!

Community Focused

The brand holds priority to feedback from its community and audience. AXIS-Y believes beauty is unique; therefore, everyone deserves inclusive and effective skincare products! The brand frequently asks its community for feedback and continues to evolve its products through surveys and reviews.

Self-Care Encouraged

AXIS-Y accentuates the importance of skincare and self-care. Skincare is self-care and can be a self-discovery of finding a more confident self. We all deserve a little pampering, and AXIS-Y continues to make an impactful effect in allowing us to love ourselves through skincare!

Climate Inspired

Our skin is consistently changing through age and our environment. To help its community use effective products, the brand creates skincare that delivers personalized care for its global audience. Whether that means you are located in a more humid environment or a colder climate, AXIS-Y will have the products for your needs!

A Skincare Line Made by the Community

AXIS-Y ay&me

The development of AXIS-Y’s newest line, ay&me, has taken about two years! Although the process has been a long journey, it is wonderful to see a brand consider all of its community’s feedback! The development of this new line started with a survey and went through multiple sample testing to create the perfect formula and products!

Not only did the brand work with the community to create this line, but they worked with three main influencers who are the main faces of the line! The influencers are Ben Neiley, Claudia Christin, and Mehdi! Through the sampling and the feedback, AXIS-Y was able to create this line with the best interest of the community in mind!

About ay&me

AXIS-Y ay&me

The ay&me line was created to strengthen and heal the skin barrier. Whether it’s due to harsh skincare products, environmental conditions, or overdoing your routine, your skin can become weak while the skin’s microbiome gets damaged. This “biome skincare” aims to help the skin’s microbiome function at its best! Using the products together creates a deeply hydrating and healing effect while using the products separately targets the skin depending on your specific skin concerns.

Highlighted Ingredients

  • Special 5-probiotic complex improves the skin’s natural biome, strengthens the skin barrier, and provides a radiant effect.
  • Adenosine helps to promote collagen production and reduce the appearance of signs of aging.
  • Mugwort and Centella Asiatica provide antioxidants to reduce inflammation and soothe the skin.

Biome Comforting Infused Toner Review

AXIS-Y ay&me Biome Comforting Infused Toner

About the Product

The Biome Comforting Infused Toner provides immediate hydration and improves the skin’s texture over time. The product is formulated with a blend of probiotics and prebiotics to help the skin’s barrier heal from environmental stressors. The product is also said to have “nourishing bubbles,” providing comfort and hydration to the skin.

Why Is It Good?

After cleansing the skin, some people may experience a tightening sensation or extra dryness. This toner is said to rehydrate the skin quickly and helps clear the skin without any irritation. Due to the soothing combination of Mugwort and Centella Asiatica, you can expect improved skin texture and a healthy-looking glow with long-term use!

First Impressions

Out of the three products from the ay&me line, this toner is my personal favorite! It is extremely lightweight yet hydrating. The soothing combination of the ingredients helps my skin feel hydrated and calm without excess oiliness. The product has other amazing ingredients like Fig Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, and Bifida Ferment Filtrate to hydrate, exfoliate and improve my skin’s texture.

Biome Radiating Intensified Essence Review

AXIS-Y Biome Radiating Intensified Essence Review

About the Product

The Biome Radiating Intensified Essence is an essence that is enriched with probiotics, prebiotics, Bifida Ferment Lysate, and other vitamins and proteins. The product targets not only nourishment but also signs of aging! The essence is enclosed in a unique dropper bottle, different from most packaging of other essences. The product’s texture is light and slightly tacky, almost a velvety texture that sinks into the skin beautifully without leaving a sticky mess!

Why Is It Good?

The product is formulated with 73% Bifida Ferment Lysate, which helps strengthen the skin’s barrier. The essence moisturizes the skin and provides the skin with a radiant glow. Not only that but also the product improves fine lines that are resulted from dryness. Since the product has a velvety fluid formula, the essence nourishes the skin without leaving a tacky finish! Overall, the product is said to help the skin become more resilient and healthy.

First Impressions

This is one of the first “anti-aging” skincare products I thoroughly enjoy. Typically, when I try a product that is said to target wrinkles, it tends to be thicker and leave an oily finish on the skin. However, this essence from the new ay&me line is completely different! The product sinks into the skin well and leaves my skin feeling light and refreshed! The product is light yet still hydrating enough for my dry to combination skin. Although I do not have any wrinkles to target, I believe this product will help slow down any signs of future aging!

Biome Recharging Night Renewal Set Review

AXIS-Y Biome Recharging Night Renewal Set

About the Product

This duo is said to lift and rejuvenate the skin overnight! The set includes a concentrate formulated with Panthenol to strengthen the skin’s barrier and provide a synergy when used with the balm. The balm is a thick gel-like consistency that nourishes the skin and gives an instant healthy glow. The dup helps to energize tired skin and protects the skin from aggravations caused by stress.

Why Is It Good?

The silky Panthenol concentrate allows the night balm to absorb better and gives the skin a recharging effect. The balm is a thick, soft, nourishing layer that leaves the skin healthy and glowy! The paired duo leaves the skin hydrated and repairs the skin’s barrier overnight.

First Impressions

At first, I was worried that this gel-texture balm would not be hydrating enough for my dry to combination skin. However, when used with the other products from the line, the balm is hydrating enough! I love how lightweight the product is without feeling overly sticky. The concentrate also provides an instant soothing effect. When paired with the balm, I can see a reduction in redness overnight. One thing to note is that due to the strong concentration of Panthenol in the concentrate, it is best to use as little product as possible!

Final Thoughts

Overall, I would say the ay&me line is meaningful and impactful due to the story behind the line. The products are all unique and perfect for all skin types! My favorite of the three would have to be the toner, although everything is amazing to have in your routine! If you are on the hunt for a perfect product for repairing the skin barrier and strengthening your skin’s biome, this is the line for you!

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