Before you invest in expensive brands, why not try out affordable products with the same ingredients offered to make sure it’s suitable for your skin type. The last thing you want is to waste your money on something that doesn’t give you results. That’s why we’ve compiled a bunch of Drunk Elephant dupes for 7 of their best-selling products.

1. Maximum Hydration

Price: $48.00 USD from Sephora

Size: 1.69 Oz | 50 mL

What it is: Smooth and plump up your face with this hydrating serum! It’s formulated with skin barrier-friendly ingredients, like pro-vitamin B5 and sodium hyaluronate. Plus, the pineapple ceramide is chock full of antioxidants for that even, glowing complexion. So lightweight, your skin will drink it right up!


La Roche-Posay Hyalu B5 Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Price: $29.99 USD from La Roche-Posay

Size: 1 Oz | 30 mL

What it is: This rich serum is one of the best Drunk Elephant B-hydra dupes! It’s just as hydrating and moisturizing, if not more, to get you revitalizing results. Start your anti-aging journey now with pure hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5 and madecassoside. You can also boost your routine by adding this to your favorite moisturizer!

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

Price: $6.80 USD from The Ordinary

Size: 1 Oz | 30 mL

What it is: This pure serum highlights all three hyaluronic acid molecular weights and vitamin B5 for multi-depth hydration. The small bottle is much more affordable, making it the perfect entry-level product for hyaluronic acid beginners. The serum is just what you need to quench that skin thirst!

2. Skin Brightening & Protection

Price: $80 USD from Sephora

Size: 1 Oz | 30 mL

What it is: This award-winning vitamin C serum is packed with antioxidants and nutrients to shield your skin from any environmental aggressors. Not only does it have the must-have skincare duo (l’ascorbic acid + ferulic acid), it also contains exfoliating fruit enzymes. Apply daily with sunscreen for enhanced protection!


OZ Naturals Vitamin C Facial Serum

Price: $18 USD from Amazon

Size: 1 Oz | 30 mL

What it is: This brightening serum works wonders by giving you that skin protection and full-day glow! With the use of vitamins C and E, as well as hyaluronic acid, it also helps to combat dark spots and signs of aging. At a much lesser price, you’re getting the potent results without hurting your wallet!

Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Drop

Price: $23 USD from Ulta

Size: 1.18 Oz | 35 mL

What it is: Get the power of ascorbic acid with this vitamin C drop. The serum thoroughly brightens and protects the skin for healthy-looking radiance. On top of vitamin C, the other ingredients include nourishing centella asiatica and rejuvenating lavender oil. Mix a few drops with your moisturizer for the best results!

3. Chemical Exfoliation

Price: $90 USD from Sephora

Size: 1 Oz | 30 mL

What it is: Kiss clogged pores and dull skin good bye with this AHA/BHA night serum! This exfoliating cocktail is the key to softer, smoother skin. It’s also perfect for prepping the face to get better absorption. Tip: use this as a spot treatment for those stubborn breakouts.


Price: $37 USD from Paula’s Choice

Size: 1 Oz | 30 mL

What it is: Not ready to spend $90 yet? Don’t worry! Start with this AHA treatment, then work your way up to the DE. The ingredients listed are very similar, with added antioxidants and skin-soothing agents. It’s a great introduction if you’re new to chemical exfoliants or exfoliation in general.

Bliss That’s Incredi-peel Glycolic Acid Pads

Price: $22 USD from Bliss

Size: 15 Pads

What it is: Swipe the peel across your face to target fine lines, uneven skin tone, and other concerns overnight. The formula effectively delivers 10% glycolic acid using time release technology. So, it’s suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Good Molecules Overnight Exfoliating Treatment

Price: $6 USD from Beautylish

Size: 1 Oz | 30 mL

What it is: This overnight exfoliating treatment is super affordable! The watery consistency quickly sinks into the skin to help reduce breakouts and signs of aging. Even though it contains a 10% blend of AHAs and BHAs, it’s still really gentle on the skin.

4. Intense Moisture

Price: $60 USD from Sephora

Size: 1.69 Oz | 50 mL

What it is: This highly moisturizing cream is especially great for dry, dehydrated skin. It’s enriched with a bunch of natural, skin-loving ingredients, including 6 rare African oils, ceramides, and sodium hyaluronate. This whipped, airy moisturizer will surely give you the hydration and nourishment that you need!


Price: $35 USD from Paula’s Choice

Size: 1.69 Oz | 50 mL

What it is: This Drunk Elephant dupe is almost identical – Down to the whipped, cloud-like texture! The velvety moisturizer highlights rich omega fatty acids to strengthen the barrier, as well as fruit extracts to soothe the skin. What an amazing way to end your nighttime routine!

5. Baby Smooth Exfoliation

Price: $80 USD from Sephora

Size: 1.69 Oz | 50 mL

What it is: Treat your skin to a nice at-home spa with this T.L.C. mask. It contains AHAs and BHAs, as well as other enzymes, that aid in cell turnover/exfoliation. Soon after, your face will feel less dull, brightened, and smooth as a baby’s bottom! The high concentration of chemicals might not be suitable for sensitive or sensitized skin.


Herbivore Blue Tansy Invisible Pores Resurfacing Clarity Mask

Price: $48 USD from Sephora

Size: 2 Oz | 60 mL

What it is: Time to put your ‘mask face’ on! The cooling gel works great to tackle inflammation and congested pores on oily, acne-prone skin. It features a slew of natural ingredients, such as willow bark and blue tansy, to clarify and soothe the appearance of redness.

The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

Price: $7.20 USD from The Ordinary

Size: 1 Oz | 30 mL

What it is: This peeling solution combines 30% AHA and 2% BHA to fight off blemishes and dull skin. Also, the tasmanian pepperberry, which gives the mask its bloody red color, helps to reduce any irritation you may have. You will feel a slight tingling sensation once applied.

6. Marula Restoration

Price: $72 USD from Sephora

Size: 1 Oz | 30 mL

What it is: This quick-absorbing face oil is absolute skin luxury! It’s made using a cold extraction process to give you the purest, most concentrated form of the ingredient. With a nice blend of antioxidants and omegas, your skin will be glowing, moisturized, and balanced in no time! Apply anywhere that might need some care.


Price: $9.90 USD from The Ordinary

Size: 1 Oz | 30 mL

What it is: This antioxidant-powered formula is a wonderful start if you are new to marula oil. At less than $10, you’re still getting the hydrating and radiating benefits as DE. Plus, there’s no greasy finish! You can also run this oil through damp hair for healthy-looking strands.

7. Peptide Regeneration

Price: $68 USD from Sephora

Size: 1.69 Oz | 50 mL

What it is: Introducing peptides – aka the ultimate repairing, collagen-boosting ingredient in skincare! This cream includes 9 signal peptides, plus antioxidant waterlily stem cell extract and B-vitamin soybean folic acid ferment. If your skin desperately needs some T.LC. and nourishment, Protini might be the one for you!


Mizon Original Skin Energy Peptide 500

Price: $35 USD from Peach & Lily

Size: 1 Oz | 30 mL

What it is: This peptide-infused serum is like water on your skin! It has 45% peptides that contain anti-wrinkle and moisturizing properties. There’s also sodium hyaluronate, which we know to be super hydrating. You can mix this with your other serums for even more supple, youthful-looking skin!

Good Molecules Super Peptide Serum

Price: $12 USD from Beautylish

Size: 1 Oz | 30 mL

What it is: With this anti-aging serum, you get more bang for your buck! Like the other two, it also targets fine lines, wrinkles, and dullness with formulated peptides. It’s very lightweight, and you just know it’s doing its job to keep your skin happy and healthy!

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