It’s tricky finding the right moisturizers during the change in seasons. As summer hits and temperatures steadily climb to humid and scorching hot days, here are the moisturizers our team enjoys for their unique skin types and concerns!

1First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Moisturizer

What is it: A daily facial moisturizer that nourishes, calms, and leaves skin feeling silky smooth

Key Ingredients: Colloidal oatmeal to calm and relieve dry or distressed skin; shea butter to moisturize and support the skin barrier; avocado oil to hydrate and soften skin

Review: “I’ve always struggled to find good moisturizers for my skin, but when I started using this simple one from First Aid Beauty (love them!), I was instantly wowed! It’s light enough for the summer weather, yet super nourishing and calming. It glides so smoothly across my face and neck, and my skin drinks it up like wahtah! Plus, it works wonderfully to prep my skin before I put on my makeup base. Guys, I believe I found my match!”— Isabel, Beauty Editor (Normal & Sensitive Skin)

2Laneige Cream Skin Refiner

What is it: A 2-in-1 formula that preps and softens like a toner and moisturizes like a cream

Key Ingredients: White leaf tea water to delivers potent antioxidants and amino acids to strengthen the skin barrier

Review: “For all the lazy or busy girls in summer who can’t bother spending time applying a full skincare routine – this one’s for you! This toner cut down my routine by two steps, so I’m out of the house right away after applying sunscreen. Do I need to say more? No need for multiple moisturizers! This will truly make your life easier! Highly recommend it!” — Amber, Video Editor (Normal to dry-combo & dehydrated skin)

3House of Dohwa Rice Bran Facial Moisturizer

What is it: A luxurious but lightweight and nourishing moisturizing cream that’s great for all skin types

Key Ingredients: Meadowfoam seed oil to nourish skin without clogging pores; rice, rice bran and rice germ extracts to soften & brighten the skin due to its rich amount of amino acids

Review: “I will admit the word ‘rice bran’ got me a little too excited to give this moisturizer a go. And much to my surprise, this is a delight to use! If I could describe the texture, it looks and feels like freshly made meringue that glides effortlessly and sinks into the skin quickly. The finish is dewy, brighter, and healthy-looking skin. I’m in love!”— Deb, Beauty Editor + Video Editor (Oily-combo, acne-prone & sensitive skin)

4Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Night Recovery Cream

What is it: Lightweight antioxidant rich night cream that nourishes skin overnight

Key Ingredients: Lotus to protect against free radical damage; peach leaf extract to even out discoloration; and cucumber fruit extract to relieve inflammation and irritation.

Review: “The Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Dream Skin Night Recovery Cream is INSTANT LOVE! First of all, I am a die-hard fan of attractive packaging, and this translucent royal blue tub is so pretty to look at! The cream itself is another level of joy – once applying it feels instantly nourishing without being heavy or greasy. I have dry skin during the summer since I tend to use my air conditioner throughout the night. I also noticed my usual day cream (The Glow Recipe Banana Soufflé Cream) was slightly too light for my current skin condition, but this Fresh cream is perfect for keeping my skin hydrated, happy, and de-stressed! It’s something I look forward to applying for my evening routine!”— Lucy, Motion Graphics Animator (Combination-sensitive skin)

5SNP Hddn=Lab Open Your Ice Cream

What is it: Instant cooling face cream that soothes irritated or inflamed skin

Key Ingredients: Niacinamide to brighten up discoloration; violet flower extract to protect against free radical damage; squalane, sodium hyaluronate, & ceramide NP to nourish and hydrate the skin

Review: “I’ve been rotating between different moisturizers that have lightweight consistencies and refreshing finishes. I enjoyed some of the creams, including the Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Moisturizer and Bliss Pore Patrol Hydrator Oil-Free Hydrator. But one recent moisturizer I’m glad to stumble upon is the Hddn=Lab Open Your Ice Cream. The texture of this cream is similar to the Purito Deep Sea Water Cream, where it looks like a lightweight gel, but it leaves a nourishing finish on the skin. I didn’t think I would enjoy using this texture for my skin because I couldn’t imagine it giving a cooling sensation when you apply it! It’s super refreshing, not suffocating, and great for the summer!”— Jane, Video Editor (normal to oily skin)

6Make P:Rem Safe Me Relief Moisture Cream

What is it: A basic and simple moisturizer that nourishes skin without greasiness

Key Ingredients: Squalane to nourish the skin; glycerin to hydrate; and raspberry fruit extract to promote hydration

Review: “I love the consistency since it’s not too heavy and not too light; it’s just enough to keep me hydrated without oiliness or greasiness.  I like using the Laneige Cream Skin Refiner for extra hydration before applying the cream. The result is hydrated and happy skin!” — Kai, Operations Manager (normal & slightly dehydrated skin)

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