Great news! Paula’s Choice is offering 20% off it’s entire site, plus additional deals, for their 25th anniversary. This celebratory sale only lasts until Monday (June 22nd), so get your skincare while you can. Whether you’re a newbie or a hardcore fan, check out these Paula’s Choice products made specially for dry/dehydrated skin! If you have oily skin, we compiled 11 must-haves for you here.

11RESIST Optimal Results Hydrating Cleanser

$ 15.20

This daily cleanser is a great start to your AM/PM routine! It not only works as a cleanser, but also as an effective makeup remover. Formulated with skin-restoring ingredients, you can be sure your desert-like skin won’t dry out even more!

10SKIN RECOVERY Enriched Calming Toner

$ 16.80

This milky toner is perfect for smoothing out those dry skin flakes! Get the nourishment and protection your skin deserves with a touch of antioxidant power. Step two of your routine – complete!

9Omega+ Complex Serum

$ 29.60

You know we love the Omega+ Complex Moisturizer. But this lightweight, fortifying serum is just as great at keeping our face nourished and protected! Filled with omega fatty acids, ceramides, and shea butter, the formula is every dry skin’s dream!

8Hyaluronic Acid Booster

$ 28.80

Pick up a booster that’s just screaming hydration! Hyaluronic acid is a holy grail ingredient when it comes to tackling all your dry concerns. So add this into your routine with double the HA juice for glowing, plump skin!

7C25 Super Booster

$ 44

Even out your skin with this potent vitamin C booster. Thanks to the super strong formula, you can finally say goodbye to stubborn dark spots for good! Best of all, the patented time-release gives you lasting results without the irritation.

6RESIST Super Antioxidant Serum

$ 31.20

If you have dry, dull skin, you might want to check out this antioxidant-rich serum. It works wonders to reduce the appearance of wrinkles while restoring that hydration and radiance. Making it the ultimate skin-fighting/anti-aging machine!

5SKIN PERFECTING 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant

$ 23.60

Reach for PC’s cult-favorite BHA exfoliant to instantly slough off those dead skin cells. The fast-absorbing liquid uses salicylic acid to deeply cleanse out clogged pores, brighten up the skin, and more!

4RESIST Skin Restoring Moisturizer with SPF 50

$ 26.40

Streamline your morning routine with this multipurpose SPF cream! The chemical sunscreen is made with a blend of niacinamide, licorice, and shea butter for that skin-loving moisture and youth.

3DEFENSE Triple Algae Pollution Shield

$ 24.80

Time to strengthen your barrier! Fight off pollution damage and other free radicals with this weightless, invisible shield. It includes three types of algae and other antioxidants for that essential day and night guard!

2Radiance Renewal Mask

$ 28.80

Finish up your PM routine by using this overnight mask. Complete with their multi-brightening complex and skin-smoothing formula, it has everything you need to wake up ultra refreshed and luminous!

1Rehydrating Moisture Mask

$ 24

Say goodnight the right way! This creamy, hydrating mask is just what you need for a nighttime pick-me-up. It’s filled with amino acids, antioxidants, and plant oils for that instant replenishment and supple skin texture.

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