How many times do you find yourself saying, “Beauty Within made me buy this”? Our team’s no exception! So if you ever wondered how working on the channel has influenced Team Beauty Within, specifically, what skincare products the team splurged on because of Fel + Ro, this article lists our top picks. And in case you want to learn more about us, I also asked everyone about their experiences working in the team!

1Laneige Cream Skin Refiner

What is it: Hybrid toner and moisturizer that hydrates and nourishes the skin in one step

Review: “It streamlines my routine because it’s a toner & moisturizer in one.”

What did you learn working here? “I learned about skincare! Before I joined Beauty Within, I didn’t care about skincare and always just used whatever my sister passed down to me but now, people even ask me for product recommendations!” — Casey, Beauty Within Shop‘s Warehouse Manager

2Glow Recipe Banana Soufflé Moisturizer

What is it: A smooth and bouncy soufflé cream that hydrates & calms irritated skin

Review: “Ever since Fel and Ro mentioned this in the “Best of 2020” video, I knew I had to give it a try! Not just because banana and soufflé together gives me total heart eyes, but also because it’s super calming and hydrating without irritating my sensitive skin! Love the scent, the feel, just everything about it!”

What did you learn working here? “Since working here, I’ve learned so much about the mind, body, and skincare in general and how they’re all interconnected in a way. But one thing that really stood out to me is how skincare is truly a personal experience. We all have our own likes and dislikes. More importantly, it’s about “reading” your skin, finding out what it wants/craves so that you can build a routine that works well for you!” — Isabel, Beauty Editor

3Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant

What is it: A leave-on toner that gently exfoliates & evens out textured skin

Review: “A recent purchase I made is the Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant. Prior to this purchase, I didn’t know much about BHA or using chemical exfoliants. But after I got a fairly large pimple that took more time than usual for it to go away, I decided to give this toner a try. It took a while for it to work but I’m seeing improvements in my skin! That big pimple is finally flattening out and disappearing! I’m actually shook!”

What did you learn working here? “Before working for Beauty Within, I wasn’t very familiar with the concept of toners, I didn’t understand the purpose of using toners. But after working here, I learned that toners can prep the skin and help your moisturizer absorb. I also learned how different ingredients have different purposes for the skin, the skincare terminology, and skin types. Not to mention how pores can’t actually shrink but certain skincare ingredients can help make the appearance smaller.” — Lucy, Motion Graphics Animator

4Neogen Dermalogy Day-Light Protection Sun Screen

What is it: A lightweight sunscreen that offers sun protection

Review: “I’ve been hearing Rowena rave about this sunscreen for so long in countless videos, and it’s also one of the products she repurchased many times. I thought I should give this a try, even though I usually go for physical/mineral sunscreens. Part of the reason is because I find my skin not liking chemical sunscreens and it causes my face to puff up. But for this hybrid sunscreen, I find it’s sooo good! I was so impressed because the texture is like a moisturizer – smooth, silky, creamy, and spreadable! The best part is that this sunscreen gave me zero reactions!”

What did you learn working here? “Before coming to Beauty Within, I knew nothing about skincare and had no experience with it (I actually wasn’t that interested in skincare). But as I started to learn about skincare, I was very surprised. I grew up in Asia so I already had the vague understanding that the products they used were more for calming and hydrating, as opposed to skincare found in the U.S., which is more focused on active ingredients. I didn’t even know how to pick skincare products and I’m sure I’m not alone in falling for marketing buzzwords when purchasing products. Now that I’m working in Beauty Within, I’m aware about the products I purchase for my skin concerns. I also found that I can always find and purchase good quality products without spending too much money. Here’s to skincare knowledge!” — Jane, Video Editor

5Dior Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm

What is it: A hydrating tinted lip balm with a satin finish

Review: “I love lip balms, especially ones that are tinted and provide a natural “my-lips-but-better” look. The issue is, my lips are really dry and the many lip balms I used didn’t last long even when reapplying. Actually these lip balms made my lips drier! So when Rowena recommended this lip balm in a video and one of my team members used it and said she liked it, I decided to give it a try. And my verdict? One purchase became three and my lips are hydrated and happy! I love how this balm leaves my lips moisturized for many hours after application. But what I’m most excited about is the different shades that looked perfectly natural for my lips!”

What did you learn working here? “I got to learn about what products are good for different skin types. Before I worked for Beauty Within, I didn’t know much about skincare and what products suit what skin type. Now I can help my friends make better choices for their skincare routine! Now my friends back home ask me to bring certain products for them!” — Tracy, Graphic Designer

6Ana Luisa Felicia Necklace & Rowena Bracelet

Felicia Necklace:

Rowena Bracelet:

What is it: Hypoallergenic jewelry made with 14K gold plated brass

Review: “Ever since Felicia and Rowena released their first pieces through the collaboration with Ana Luisa, I became instantly hooked! I love jewelry – but I was new to purchasing them online. I love how the Ana Luisa pieces are comfortable, have minimal designs, and make you look put together wherever you are! Recently I’ve also been taking a liking to earrings but was hesitant to try out some of the hoop styles due to my thick earlobes. But when I tried the Beauty Within flower earrings and loved how they looked, I instantly went and bought four different pairs from the site. Let’s say I’m now a huge fan of Ana Luisa – all thanks to Beauty Within! And as a side note, the shipping is incredibly fast – a feat that this consumer truly appreciates!”

What did you learn working here? “There’s something about the process of learning and understanding skincare that gets me really excited. Before I worked for Beauty Within, I had a little experience with skincare but it wasn’t enough for me to understand beyond your basic steps of a skincare routine. But once I joined the team, I became exposed to scientific studies and articles that helped me learn more about the ingredients and products I was applying onto my face. There were actual moments in the earlier days of my career where I had to take a breather because there was so much information to digest. The human body truly is amazing!” — Deb, Beauty Editor + Video Editor

7Sioris Time is Running Out Mist

What is it: A nourishing bi-phase facial mist with oil and water layers

Review: “When I have too many things to do and I’m too lazy to put on a toner, this Sioris mist saves me countless times throughout the summer. I like how this mist has an oil layer and water layer that’s perfect for my dry-combo and dehydrated skin! It’s also super convenient and streamlines my routine. It’s so good that I used up 1-2 bottles, including the mini sized versions! No wonder it’s highly rated!”

What did you learn working here? “Before coming to Beauty Within, my skincare routine consisted of a cleanser for the night. Back then, I didn’t like to apply products on my face because I thought it was too oily and suffocating for my face. I didn’t even apply sunscreens! But now that I’m a part of Beauty Within, I’ve since started a skincare routine after noticing it going through changes. On top of that, the climate here in the U.S. is drier, unlike my home country in Taiwan, so my skin was starting to go out of balance. Now, I am more aware of my skin’s conditions and know what skincare products to use on a daily basis.” — Amber, Video Editor

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