Coco & Eve: This Haircare Brand Revived My Frizzy & Limp Hair (Review + Sale)
Featured Image by Angela Zhong

I love to keep my hair down during winter, but the static electricity from my coat makes my long strands look like I rubbed them against a bunch of balloons at a child’s birthday party – not fun! For taming the winter flyaways, I decided to try out Coco & Eve’s most popular products to see if I keep my hair shiny, soft, tangle-free, and frizz-free throughout winter. Here are my honest thoughts!

Disclaimer: The brand graciously gifted the products in exchange for sharing exciting news of the upcoming promotions!

Coco & Eve Promotion Details

If you’re looking for a product to gift for the holidays (or treating yourself), you can grab Coco & Eve items for up to 50% off from November 18th to December 2nd! Be sure to use the code “COCO” at checkout to receive your order at a discounted price and gifts just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Editor’s Reviews

Like a Virgin Super Nourishing Coconut & Fig Hair Masque

Coco Eve Like a Virgin Hair Masque

What it is: A multi-award winning 5-in-1 treatment hair masque that revives hair from the inside out.


  • Restores dry and damaged hair
  • Improves hair texture and shine
  • Hydrates and deeply conditions
  • Treats split ends and tames frizz

Key ingredients:

  • AcquaSeal® Coconut: Adds hydration, shine, and softness to the hair. Strengthens and repairs hair by preventing breakage and split ends.
  • Fig Extract: Contains high concentrations of polyphenols, flavonoids, anthocyanins, omega fatty acids and Vitamin A, B1, and B2. 
  • Shea butter: moisturizes and detangles the hair.
  • Linseed: Improves gloss and texture so it’s silky soft to the touch.
  • Argan Oil: Treats split ends and tames frizziness.
  • Probiotic Extract: Restores balance for healthier and stronger hair.

Editor’s Review

I have mixed feelings about hair masks because the thought of having to hop into my shower twice feels tedious. Instead of following the directions, I treated the hair mask as if it were a conditioner. Even with this modification, I was surprised to see how effective the hair mask is in softening and smoothing my hair. Rinsing the mask off after three minutes felt like running my fingers through a soft cascading waterfall! It was indeed a marvelous experience that I know I’ll come back to!

Miracle Hair Elixir

Coco Eve Miracle Hair Elixir

What it is: A hair oil that boosts shine, softens and sleeks hair, and reduces frizz and fly-aways.


  • Restores softness, shine and gloss with a lightweight, non-greasy, silky finish
  • Treats split-ends, boosts hydration, and smoothes frizz
  • Absorbs quickly into hair to protect hair from breakage, UV damage, and heat styling up to 220 degrees Celsius / 428 degrees Fahrenheit

Key ingredients:

  • Coconut & Fig: Rich in fatty acids to recover hair from within
  • Prickly Pear: Rich in vitamins C and K to add shine and softness
  • Mangosteen & Papaya: Rich in antioxidants to add gloss and silkiness
  • EmoGreen L15: Reduces heat damage and makes the hair easier to comb

Editor’s Review

This is the perfect product to use when I need to tame some flyaways and frizz before leaving the house! The hair oil absorbs quickly into my hair and leaves it visibly smoother without weighing down or leaving behind a residue! I also love the tropical coconut and fig scent it gives off; even though it’s winter, I find the summery scent lifting my mood!

I also had Beauty Within host Felicia give the hair oil a try. You can see visible and almost immediate results!

Felicia's hair before Coco & Eve

Felicia’s hair before using the Coco & Eve Hair Elixir

Felicia's hair after Coco & Eve

Felicia’s hair after using the Coco & Eve Hair Elixir

Like a Virgin Hydrating & Detangling Leave-In Conditioner

Coco Eve Leave In Conditioner

What it is: A lightweight leave-in conditioner that transforms dry and dull strands, minimizes breakage and split ends, and protects against pollution and UV damage.


  • Maxi Pro-Nourish Complex hydrates and strengthens dry strands
  • Ultra-protect Complex reduces damage caused by UV and other external stressors
  • Frizz and tangle-taming formula improves manageability instantly
  • De-tangles hair

Key ingredients:

  • Pro-Nourish Complex: includes coconut extract, avocado oil, and rice proteins to increase hydration, soften and revitalize dry and damaged hair.
  • Ultra-Protect Complex: contains moringa seeds to provide protection against UV and other environmental stressors 

Editor’s Review

This conditioner is a perfect way to detangle and give my hair extra nourishment post-shower. The texture is creamy and spreads nicely through my hair without leaving behind a greasy residue. And the way my hair looks and feels smoother after brushing – I’m in love!

Editor’s Final Verdict

Editor's hair before Coco & Eve

Beauty editor’s hair before using the Coco & Eve treatment (notice the frizz and flyaway strands)

Editor's hair after Coco & Eve

Beauty editor’s hair after using the Coco & Eve treatment (frizz is minimal and hair looks smoother)

I was pleasantly surprised with my experience using the Coco & Eve products! I noticeably felt my hair strengthening and improving every time I used them! Styling my hair is also a breeze and my winter flyaways are manageable! I also love that none of the products weighed my hair down or caused more shedding, which is one reason I am cautious about using hair products in general! Overall, I think the Coco & Eve products are worth the hype, and I know I’ll be taking advantage of the ongoing sales to purchase more! Be sure to use the code “COCO” at checkout to score up to 50% off Coco & Eve products from now to December 2nd!

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