Now that we’ve covered the basics and built the foundation of skincare, let’s talk about the next most important thing in your routine: skin supplements. 

As the name says, products in this category work as supplements to help target specific skin concerns. Just as you take a vitamin supplement to deliver needed nutrients to your body, your skin supplement products work just the same! Keep in mind that supplement products can take some time for you to see results. Therefore, introduce one product at a time to avoid irritation and remember to be consistent! 

Here are four supplements that you might come across (in no particular order): 

  • Serum
  • Eye treatment
  • Night cream
  • Exfoliator


Serums may look small and tiny, but they contain a potent amount of active ingredients to target a variety of different skin concerns. For serums targeted for hydration, you’re going to get a supercharged boost of it for your skin. Additionally, you can find serums that help to brighten, fade hyperpigmentation, reduce fine lines, and improve overall skin texture. 

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Eye Treatments

For those of you suffering from dark circles or puffy eyes, eye treatments can be helpful in keeping your eyes looking fresh and glowing. The skin around your eyes is thinner than the rest of your face and therefore, is prone to aging if not treated properly. Additionally, we came to find out that dark circles or puffiness are mainly caused by internal imbalances in our body. So, in short, eye creams are more of a preference rather than a requirement. 

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Night Cream

Our bodies go into repair mode at night to restore any damages while sleeping. But in turn, our bodies lose a lot of hydration as we sleep. Ever wondered why you get so parched after waking up? This is why. 

While our skin barrier relies on hydration to keep it strong, our skin also causes water to evaporate into the air. Naturally, when the air is cold or dry, you’re likely to see your skin dry out or get chapped because your skin is causing more water to evaporate. If you’re in a humid or damp climate, you’re likely to lose less water because there is more moisture.

In short: the drier the atmosphere, the more evaporation; the moist the atmosphere, less evaporation. Pretty straightforward, right?

Then how does this relate back to night creams? Since we lose a lot of hydration during the night, night creams ideally help the skin to lose less water and retain hydration. That’s why when you apply night creams onto your face, the texture of the product is thick and very rich. It’s like a shield for your shield! 

The thing is that it’s not completely necessary to go out and invest in a separate night cream. Many moisturizers and sleeping masks have deep moisturizing properties to act as night creams as well. 

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When it comes to exfoliants, there are two categories: the physical and the chemical. 


Remember using products containing grainy beads or granules in them? What about loofahs or spin brushes? Those items are what belong under physical exfoliants. They require you to rub it onto your face to physically lift away dead skin cells on the surface of your skin. 


If dry and flaky skin or clogged pores are the source of your troubles, you can try a chemical exfoliant. Although the name sounds intimidating, chemical exfoliants help the skin to shed off the surface layers of stubborn flaky skin.

Fruit enzymes which as AHAs gently help to shed away the glue and oils holding excess dead skin cells together. BHAs are great for acne prone skin because they reach into the pores to unclog buildup of sebum.

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