We’re back with another round of affordable dupes! This time we scoured the internet and our own vanity cabinet to find the best skincare dupes that match 2020’s newest launches! We’ve compiled a list of products, from serums to face oils, that will surely give you the benefits you need without emptying out your wallets.

1. Fresh

Estimated Price: $59 USD

Size: 3.4 Oz | 100 mL

What Is It? This bubbly serum is the perfect blend of rose water and skin-friendly oils for that maximum hydration and nourishment. The water/oil layers are also formulated at optimal levels to increase absorption into the skin. Just note, the rose scent may be overpowering for some.

Affordable Dupes

Neogen White Truffle Serum In Oil Drop

Estimated Price: $35 USD

Size: 1.69 Oz | 50 mL

What Is It? Neogen’s White Truffle Serum is packed with essential fatty acids and minerals that help with inflamed skin and fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, it’s high in vitamins C and B3 (niacinamide) for that radiant, brightening effect. This dupe is quite different, but it works just as well!

ISOI Bulgarian Rose MoisturiZIP Cream Ampoule

Estimated Price: $30.40 USD

Size: 1.7 Oz | 50 mL

What Is It? This creamy, rose-based ampoule is great for soothing dehydrated, sensitive skin. It has a bunch of beneficial ingredients, such as allantoin to remove dead skin cells, sodium hyaluronate to further hydrate, and arginine to protect from photoaging. Looking to change up your routine? You can use this in place of your moisturizer after cleansing.

ISOI Bulgarian Rose Blemish Care Serum

Estimated Price: $33 USD

Size: 0.7 Oz | 20 mL

What Is It? If you’re looking for another rose-y product to tackle your oily, acne-prone concerns, this is it! ISOI’s Blemish Serum works well to brighten and firm up your skin with plenty of soothing, skin-aging ingredients. It’s formulated with centella asiatica (K-beauty fav), along with rose flower water & oil, arbutin, and willowbark.

Some By MI AHA BHA PHA 30 Days Miracle Serum

Estimated Price: $27 USD

Size: 1.7 Oz | 50 mL

What Is It? This exfoliating serum has everything you would need, from centella asiatica to tea tree, to soothe and treat angry skin. It’s very different compared to Fresh due to the chemical exfoliants and lack of roses. But it does have that oil-in-water, shake-to-activate component for the ultimate skincare pick me up!

2. Farmacy

Estimated Price: $38 USD

Size: 1.7 Oz | 50 mL

What Is It? Farmacy’s Oil-Free Gel Moisturizer is wonderful to use all year round. It contains moringa seed extract to visibly refresh skin, along with papaya to naturally exfoliate for a brighter complexion. To top, it has FOUR different types of hyaluronic acid for that extra boost of hydration! Even though this is formulated for oily, acne-prone skin, it’s just as great for you dry, dehydrated peeps!

Affordable Dupes

Naturium Niacinamide Gel Cream 5%

Estimated Price: $20 USD

Size: 1.7 Oz | 50 mL

What Is It? This gel cream combines coconut fruit juice and marine polysaccharides for increased moisture. As opposed to the Farmacy Moisturizer, this product does include silicone. But since they both have niacinamide, you’re still getting the pore-care benefits of the powerful ingredient. This time, at a much lesser price!

iUNIK Centella Calming Gel Cream

Estimated Price: $10.36

Size: 2.02 Oz | 60 mL

What Is It? This gel moisturizer is truly a miracle when it comes to calming sensitive skin. It has 70% centella asiatica, as well as 10% tea tree leaf water. On top of that, the lightweight cream has 6 different kinds of patented sprout extracts. What a pretty superior formulation we have here!

The Inkey List Snow Mushroom Hydrating Gel Moisturizer

Estimated Price: $9.99 USD

Size: 1.01 Oz | 30 mL

What Is It? This gel product makes for a great dupe due to it’s oil-free, hydrating properties. The antioxidant-rich snow mushroom helps to lock in the moisture. And madecassoside works to repair the skin barrier. You can use this gel moisturizer, or any of the other dupes, during the summery months.

3. Glow Recipe

Estimated Price: $34 USD

Size: 5.1 Oz | 150 mL

What Is It? Get ready for some exfoliating action! The toner is formulated with watermelon and electrolyte cactus water to quench your dry, dehydrated skin. The ingredients also include PHA, a gentle exfoliant, and willowbark to clear out the gunk from deep within your pores. The bouncy toner is suitable for ALL skin types. Plus, it’s gentle enough to be used daily.

Affordable Dupes

Purito ABP Triple Synergy Liquid

Estimated Price: $19.71 USD

Size: 5.4 Oz | 160 mL

What Is It? This liquid exfoliator is packed with AHAs, BHAs, AND PHAs! The top ingredients include 80% apple fruit water, gluconolactone, mandelic acid, and salicylate for that soft, dewy look. Just like the Glow Recipe Toner, this is super gentle and can be used daily. However, it’s more fluid-y in consistency and texture.

The Inkey List PHA Gentle Exfoliating Toner

Estimated Price: $10.99

Size: 3.4 Oz | 100 mL

What Is It? My sensitive skin friends, you might enjoy this PHA Toner. Compared to Glow recipe’s, this one is far less hydrating. But if you’re looking for a product that can effectively renew your skin without that irritation, then try giving this one a go!

4. Biossance

Estimated Price: $72 USD

Size: 1.01 Oz | 30 mL

What Is It? The rose-infused, vitamin C oil works wonders to brighten up the skin. It’s a holy grail hydrator that leaves your face looking as radiant as ever! Along with squalane and rose flower extract, there’s tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate. Fun fact: this vitamin C derivative is known to be 50x more effective than ascorbic acid!

Affordable Dupe

Size: 1.01 Oz | 30 mL

What Is It? This face oil adds another derivative to our list of vitamin C ingredients. Ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate is oil soluble, and it can be used in higher concentrations without any drawbacks. The potency might not be as strong, but you will love Korres’ more affordable alternative!

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